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Center for Action and Contemplation

The Bonaventure Circle

The Bonaventure Circle of Support is the CAC’s community of monthly givers on a mission to make the Christian contemplative traditions more accessible to all sincere spiritual seekers around the world.

A New Christian Consciousness

Welcome to The Bonaventure Circle! We are a community of people who support the accessibility of CAC programs that nurture a new Christian consciousness and awaken a more loving world. Named after the great medieval philosopher and theologian, The Bonaventure Circle is grounded in CAC’s lineage and carries the transformative wisdom and practices from the Christian contemplative traditions forward into the future, for the benefit of all.

In this video, Father Richard Rohr discusses St. Bonaventure.

800 years ago, St. Francis of Assisi intuited a new tradition in Christianity that was humble, loving, inclusive, and harmonious.

St. Bonaventure, a student of St. Francis, documented his transformative teachings and created the structures that would expand Franciscan spirituality and make it accessible to Christian mystics, friars, and priests. This ancient tradition has largely been hidden on the margins of the institutional church until Thomas Merton and Richard Rohr began to introduce everyday mystics to this transformative wisdom in the 20th century.

For the first time in history, we have an opportunity to make the Christian contemplative traditions accessible to all sincere spiritual seekers around the world. By making a meaningful monthly donation to the CAC, you’ll follow the path of St. Bonaventure, expanding the reach and accessibility of transformative wisdom and practices that create a more just, connected, and loving world.

“At the Center for Action and Contemplation, we believe that carrying forward and expanding Fr. Richard’s message of action and contemplation can nurture this new consciousness and help heal our suffering world.”

– Michael Poffenberger, Executive Director

Spiritual Wisdom as a Common Good

Spiritual wisdom is meant to be held in the commons for the benefit of all. Collectively, your monthly gifts will fund the expansion of CAC’s programs and ensure that anyone can access transformative wisdom and practices regardless of their financial resources.

Daily Meditations

Meditations are designed, curated, and sent to hundreds of thousands of people at no charge.


CAC’s expanding podcast network is reaching new listeners in 188 countries and territories.


New technology allows us to enhance the user experience, sharing spiritual wisdom efficiently and expansively.

People laughing


Provide financial scholarships for students to participate in the Living School, online courses, and other CAC programs.

Your Gifts Transform Lives

Hear from members of the community and see how your gifts are supporting transformation in peoples’ lives around the world!

“I am so grateful to be on a path that includes a much bigger, more inclusive God than the one I worshipped for so many years.”

— HiLary L.

“The Daily Meditations have helped me see that living a full life is not so much the ‘doing’ but ‘living.’ I’m beginning to understand that loving kindness is a shared thing.”

— Cindy C.

“The Daily Meditations have touched my soul and continue to guide me along my long and winding road. I am forever grateful.”

— Adrienne Q.

Transformed People Transforming Our World

The Bonaventure Circle is a community of monthly givers who expand the wisdom and practices of the Christian contemplative traditions and make them more accessible to sincere spiritual seekers around the world.

Together, we can support transformation, inspire loving action, and help heal our suffering world.

Collage of CAC, St. Bonaventure, Students, Faculty, and CAC Staff.

Nurture a new Christian consciousness.

Share contemplative wisdom.

Support transformation.

Inspire loving action.

Expand access and reach.

Create a more just and loving world.