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Center for Action and Contemplation

Love After Love

Saturday, March 6, 2021
Length: 01:14:00
Size: 80mb

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Richard Rohr, in conversation with Brie Stoner and Paul Swanson, takes a retrospective look over the entire arc of the five seasons of Another Name of Every Thing. Reflecting on each theme of the previous seasons we honor the wisdom of Richard and pepper him with refreshed questions on practical application for living out the lessons of the Universal Christ in our daily lives.

It has been a tremendous gift for the CAC to serve our community through this podcast. Thank you for your ongoing support in this project and those to come! Stay subscribed to this feed as we will post updates on future projects.

Deep apologies for the varying qualities of audio from Richard’s mic on this final episode. We had a computer malfunction during the production of this episode. Thankfully the majority of the audio was recovered.


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