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Alumni Network Survey

The purpose of this survey is to learn from the 2022 Living School Alumni about their needs for connection and community after completing the Living School. The CAC will use this information to inform how we can best facilitate connections for Living School Alumni with each other and with CAC. This is a new effort for CAC and there is much to learn about how to nurture connections so that this experience meets alumni needs and expectations as we all work towards cultivating a more just and connected world. We are grateful for your input and for the loving action you bring to your communities. We are excited to learn from this experience and from you.

We will be offering this survey three times over the next year as we build and learn how the 2022 Living School Alumni Network is serving this community. We ask that you participate in all three survey opportunities so that we may best understand the evolving needs and expectations of this network. Thank you very much for your participation!

I want to participate in the 2022 Living School Alumni Mighty Networks Beta Test to: