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2023 Daily Meditations: The Prophetic Path

Join us for an exploration of grief, hope, compassion, and solidarity with the suffering of the world. 

It can be easier to turn away from suffering than face it with an open heart. That’s why our 2023 Daily Meditations theme, The Prophetic Path, empowers us to not avoid or fear the pain of the world, but turn toward it with compassion. 

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Wholeness and Healing with James Finley

In this video, CAC faculty member James Finley explores The Prophetic Path, placing an emphasis on how we can heal from trauma. He reminds us that “we are the generosity of God, we are the song God sings.” James invites us into a rendezvous with God — a grounding and prayerful practice. Read the unedited transcript.

We are being called to walk The Prophetic Path.   

When Father Richard Rohr founded the Center for Action and Contemplation in 1987, he envisioned a “school for prophets,” a place where the contemplative mind and action for justice are interwoven. In that spirit, The Prophetic Path invites us to face reality for what it is — and together we will weep, grieve, hope, heal, and stand in solidarity with the suffering of the world. 

Solidarity and Compassion with Barbara Holmes

How do we make peace with our neighbors? Is it possible to stop our addiction to division? In this video, Dr. Barbara Holmes reminds us that our solidarity on The Prophetic Path is not a choice, it’s a calling. Read the unedited transcript.

Dr. Holmes reminds us that Jesus was God’s expression of solidarity with humankind. Through Jesus, we can take up the mantle of prophecy, gathering the courage to overturn oppressive systems. 

Weeping and Lamentation with Brian McLaren

Watch CAC faculty member Brian McLaren explain how the new theme for the Daily Meditations, The Prophetic Path, invites us to publicly lament suffering and injustice in the world. Read the unedited transcript.

Many of us are carrying deep grief, individually and collectively, due to the barrage of crises we face today. We need — the world needs — an outpouring of lament and love to find hope and healing. In a time where religion often fails to meet our great crises and injustices, God is calling us to be prophets of Divine Love. 

The Prophetic Path – with Richard Rohr

Watch Fr. Richard Rohr introduce the new Daily Meditations theme and explain how The Prophetic Path invites us to face reality, heal, and find solidarity. Read the unedited transcript.

Why Should We Heed the Call?

Prophets do not have to be highly educated, powerful, or well-known; they are everyday people perched at the edge of the inside of our institutions, distant enough to critique injustice, but close enough to be heard. Prophets are free to offer alternatives grounded both in love for God and our faith traditions. 

The prophet’s path is about letting go of illusion and toppling false gods. Prophets are disrupters of the social consensus. They keep humanity free for God and God free for humanity.

Father Richard Rohr

Join us on The Prophetic Path. Together we will weep with a softened heart at our individual wounds and collective suffering, while simultaneously affirming the faithful comfort and restorative love of God. The Prophetic Path is a place to grieve openly, and yet to hold fast to a resolute hope in Divine Love. 

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