Due to serious concerns about the health and safety of our community, we have decided to postpone CONSPIRE and the Alumni Gathering until 2021.

All attendees will be notified by Friday, March 27 with the new date and information on how to obtain a refund if you are unable to attend.

All in-person and webcast registrations will carry over to the new date.

This was not an easy decision to make, but after a great deal of thoughtful consideration and prayer we are certain of its rightness. As Father Richard told us this week,

It is very important for the CAC to be resonant with its message of contemplation. In this case we must trust Reality and allow ‘what is’ to become an ally we can work with instead of barging our way through it or insisting on our own agenda. And this is particularly true when the life and health of human beings are at stake.

It is a time of planetary disruption and great change. The future is uncertain, and our present moment is filled with the potential for great suffering—but also great love. The global spread of the coronavirus has revealed to all the true nature of humanity’s interconnectedness; even as we isolate ourselves from each other, we do so in loving solidarity for the protection of society’s most vulnerable people.

A difficult part of the decision to postpone CONSPIRE is our awareness of the relevance its message has for people right now. A year almost feels like too long to wait, which is why we’re exploring new ways to spread these teachings. We’ll have more to say on this in the coming weeks.

For now, we encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions to ensure their own health and safety as well as that of their families, friends, and communities.

A Capstone Experience

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit. —Zechariah 4:6

CONSPIRE 2020 will be a capstone experience uniting Richard Rohr’s seven themes of alternative orthodoxy to create a gateway into practical and authentic contemplation—a way of life rooted in radical openness to God’s loving presence. From this vulnerable place, things like adversity, disruption, and suffering become sources of transformation, greater love, and connection. We cannot think ourselves into a new way of living; rather, we must live ourselves into a new way of thinking.

Our Global Community

Truth sees God, and wisdom contemplates God, and from these two comes a third, a holy and wonderful delight in God, who is love. ―Julian of Norwich

This spring thousands of people from around the world will gather online and in person to learn from and dialogue with the core-faculty of the Center for Action and Contemplation—Cynthia Bourgeault, James Finley, Barbara Holmes, Brian McLaren, and Richard Rohr—teaching together for the first time.

Discover your place in the emerging contemplative community of people who are committed to the intentional work of personal transformation, embodied practice, and engaged living—the manifesting dynamism of God’s love in the world.

Experience the joyful depths of connectedness! Our teachers can only point to the Path; we are the ones who walk it—alongside all known and unknown mystics, saints, and everyday holy people who have come before us—together as One.

From out of the Past We Look to the Future

I know Thee by revelation, Oh Thou Mother, Thou Spirit of Wisdom, I was begotten in Thee and brought forth, though I knew Thee not. They that have revelation must live it, that they may see the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Oh, how I love thee, my Mother! —Rebecca Cox Jackson

It is a time of planetary disruption and great change. Institutions, ideologies, and religious rituals feel increasingly out of sync with the experiences of everyday life. Yet even amidst uncertainty and confusion, we see the Spirit at work, freeing the transformative wisdom of the Christian contemplative traditions from the storehouses of the past in service to the healing of our world.

This is the story of Richard Rohr and alternative orthodoxy, the foundational faculty of the Living School, and the Center for Action and Contemplation, the nonprofit organization founded by Rohr in 1987. It’s also the story of every one of us with the courage to let go our sense of control over life and trust in the working of God’s radical grace.

We stand in the place where opposites come together, awaiting the birth of what is to come—a new genesis, one more beginning in a series of starts trailing backwards in time to the very first day; God’s generous rhythm of life, death, and resurrection moving in and through all things—the very breath and source of the cosmos itself.

Conspirare. Breathe with us.