Francis and Clare found freedom living “on the edge of the inside,” moving where the outcasts, poor, and marginalized lived. — Richard Rohr Read Franciscan Spirituality: Week 3 Summary
In the Franciscan worldview, the Christ can be found everywhere. Nothing is secular or profane. — Richard Rohr Read The Whole World Is Our Cloister
The job of religion is to help people act effectively and compassionately from an inner centeredness and connection with God. — Richard Rohr Read Action and Contemplation
If your spiritual practice doesn’t lead you to some acts of concrete caring or service, then you have every reason not to trust it. — Richard Rohr Read The Left Hand of God
As compassion and sympathy flow out of us to any marginalized person for whatever reason, wounds are bandaged—both theirs and ours. — Richard Rohr Read Field Hospital on the Edge of the Battlefield
We need all three sets of eyes in a healthy culture and a healthy religion. Without them, we only deepen and perpetuate our problems. — Richard Rohr Read The Third Eye

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