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Drawing Empty Space: This simple practice shifts our usual way of literal seeing and invites an inner change in how we view ourselves, the world, and God. — Richard Rohr Read Two Halves of Life: Week 1 Summary
By definition, authentic God experience is always “too much”! It consoles our True Self only after it has devastated our false self. — Richard Rohr Read The Container and the Contents
Second-half-of-life people, like Jesus and the prophets, live with their wills open to cooperate with God’s creative power. — Richard Rohr Read The Will of God
The healthiest people received from their two parents and early authority figures a combination of unconditional love and conditional love. — Richard Rohr Read Unconditional and Conditional Love
In the second half of life, you are strong enough to hold together the contradictions in yourself and in others with compassion, forgiveness, patience, and tolerance. — Richard Rohr Read Human Development in Scripture
The gift of tears helps you embrace the mystery of paradox, of that which can’t be fixed or made right, which can’t be controlled, and which doesn’t make sense. — Richard Rohr Read Falling into Mercy
Once you’ve met the Holy One who calls you beloved daughter or son, you know you’re chosen, special, and beloved; you don’t need outer symbols to prove it. — Richard Rohr Read Jesus’ Teachings for the Second Half of Life
Even as you weep over your shortcomings and catch yourself returning to old ways of thinking, trust that God is working in you and loving you the whole time. — Richard Rohr Read Two Halves of Life: Week 2 Summary
True transformation means your motivation foundationally changes from security, status, and sabotage to generosity, humility, and cooperation. — Richard Rohr Read True Conversion