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God cannot be known by thinking but by experiencing and loving. I hope you will take some time to connect with Love in your lived experience. — Richard Rohr Read Love: Week 2 Summary
Death is the experience of “no exit,” a recognition that the situation is inescapable, that one is utterly at the mercy of the Ground of Being. — Kathleen Dowling Singh Read The Ground of Being
The life and death of a human being is so exquisitely calibrated as to automatically produce union with Spirit. — Kathleen Dowling Singh Read Nearing Death
Twice a year we pause the Daily Meditations to ask for your support. When I founded the Center for Action and Contemplation in 1987—and even when we began sending my Daily Meditations in 2007—I never imagined how this work would evolve and grow, thanks to our donors’ generosity. — Richard Rohr Read Support the Center for Action and Contemplation
As we develop mature emotional and spiritual practices, we become able to incorporate that which we have denied. — Richard Rohr Read The Illusion of Separation
Love is both who you are and who you are still becoming, like a sunflower seed that becomes its own sunflower. — Richard Rohr Read Becoming Who You Are
This is how perfect and patient divine love is: Nothing is wasted; even our mistakes are the raw material to turn us back into love. — Richard Rohr Read Do Not Be Afraid
You do not have to understand or figure everything out. You can relax into the mystery of not knowing. — Elizabeth Lesser Read Death and Resurrection: Week 1 Summary

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