Daily Meditations
The universe is not a tragic expression of meaningless chaos, but a marvelous display of an orderly cosmos. — Martin Luther King, Jr. Read Cosmology: Part Two: Weekly Summary
One of the great surprises on the human journey is that we come to full consciousness precisely by making friends with our own mistakes and failings. — Richard Rohr Read Shadowboxing
God is the inner energy within the soul, saying, “Become who you are. Become all that you are. There is still more of you to be discovered, forgiven, and loved.” — Richard Rohr Read Becoming Who You Are
The shadow in and of itself is not the problem. The source of our disease is separation from parts of ourselves, from each other, and from God. — Richard Rohr Read Making Holy
The ego and the shadow come from the same source and exactly balance each other. To make light is to make shadow; one cannot exist without the other. — Robert Johnson Read Nodding to the Shadow
Jesus did not come to change God’s mind about us. It did not need changing. Jesus came to change our minds about God—and about ourselves. — Richard Rohr Read Doing the Inner Work
To love is to be conscious, and to be fully conscious would mean we are capable of loving. Sin always proceeds from lack of consciousness. — Richard Rohr Read Facing Reality
Human consciousness does not emerge at any depth except through struggling with our shadow. — Richard Rohr Read Shadow Work: Weekly Summary
We’ve relegated visions of a peaceful kingdom to a far distant heaven, hardly believing Jesus could have meant we should turn the other cheek here and now. — Richard Rohr Read Love Is Our Nature
Jesus is the revelation and embodiment of our Nonviolent God, whose sun shines on the good and the evil alike. — Ken Butigan Read Learning Nonviolence
Every world religion knows that Jesus taught nonviolence, lived nonviolently, and died a nonviolent death except one: Christianity! — Mohandas Gandhi Read Embodying Nonviolence

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