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God’s eternal mystery cannot be captured or controlled, but only received and shared as freely as the breath itself. — Richard Rohr Read Unknowing: Week 1 Summary
We cannot grow in the dance of action and contemplation without a strong tolerance for ambiguity and a willingness not to know—and not even to need to know. — Richard Rohr Read Dying by Brightness
Great mysteries are naturally experienced and known within our limited contexts, so we should be much more humble about our own opinions. — Richard Rohr Read Knowing that We Don’t Know
One of the conditions of enlightenment has always been a willingness to let go of what we thought we knew in order to appreciate truths we had never dreamed of. — Karen Armstrong Read Transcendence
God is not added to you, but you are added to God. God is the foundation onto which your soul is built. — Rick Hocker Read The God Particle
God made both the power to know and the power to love, but God is not knowable through the first one. We can only know God by experiencing God’s love. — The Cloud of Unknowing Read The Power of Love
No matter how sacred, no thought can ever promise to help you in the work of contemplative prayer, because only love—not knowledge—can help us reach God. — The Cloud of Unknowing Read The End of Knowing
The dark is the mystery that holds the unpredictable—the possible. It is the blank screen upon which to project all that is unsolved and unloved in our hearts. — Bill Plotkin Read Unknowing: Week 2 Summary
I have often been threatened with death. I do not believe in death without resurrection. If I am killed, I shall arise in the Salvadoran people. — Óscar Romero Read Persecuted for My Sake
We are called to be both the agony and the ecstasy of God—for the life of the world. It is a process of “oneing” with Foundational Reality, at-one-ment. — Richard Rohr Read Searching for Meaning
To look life straight in the eye, to see its pain and to see its beauty—this is an essential part of glimpsing the way forward. — John Philip Newell Read Knowledge of Good and Evil

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