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It does us good to “say grace,” to verbally acknowledge the grace that is everywhere, even and especially in the giving of lives—plant and animal—for our sustenance. — Richard Rohr Read Grace: Week 2 Summary
Franciscan alternative orthodoxy pays attention to different things—like simplicity, humility, non-violence, contemplation, earth care, and the “least of the brothers and sisters.” — Richard Rohr Read New Ways
In Francis we see the emergence of a worldview that is not based on climbing, achieving, or possessing, but a life that finds deep satisfaction on the level of naked being itself. — Richard Rohr Read A Different Worldview
The Franciscan School found a way to be both very traditional and very revolutionary at the same time by emphasizing practice over theory, orthopraxy over orthodoxy. — Richard Rohr Read Learning How to Love
The Christian religion makes the most daring affirmation: God is redeeming matter and spirit, or the whole of creation. Your body is the very hiding place of God. — Richard Rohr Read Incarnation Is Already Redemption