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Go out into the natural world and look with God’s eyes; listen with God’s ears; know your place within God’s good creation. — Richard Rohr Read Primal and Indigenous Spirituality: Weekly Summary
All our words, dogmas, and rituals are like children playing in a sandbox before Infinite Mystery and Wonderment. — Richard Rohr Read Widening Circles
Hinduism has been described as the most tolerant of the world religions. It is much more comfortable with mystery and multiplicity than are the three Abrahamic religions. — Richard Rohr Read Infinite Forms
Hinduism emphasizes concrete practices (yogas) which allow practitioners to know things for themselves. — Richard Rohr Read Ways of Praying and Knowing
When we surrender to our own natural journey, we find authentic hope, hope that is not identified with outcomes or goals. — Richard Rohr Read Stages of Life
If you first emphasize dissimilarity and distinction, it is almost impossible to ever get back to unitive consciousness or similarity, from which most compassion proceeds. — Richard Rohr Read Parts of a Whole
How can we do “pure action”? Only by gradually detaching from all the fruits of action and doing everything purely for the love of God. — Richard Rohr Read Action and Contemplation
Prana is life’s force or energy. Pranayama is willful changing of one’s energy, often through the breath, using variations of inhalation, exhalation, and holding the breath. — Ginny Wholley Read Hinduism: Weekly Summary
“Yield and overcome, and you cannot be broken. . . . Bend and be straight.” Wisdom is as wisdom does. Awakening oneself awakens the whole world. — Surya Das Read The Way of All Things

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