All of life is a journey toward consummation with the Beloved. Imagine yourself as the object of God’s desire. — Richard Rohr Read God as Us: Week 1 Summary
Authentic love is about giving a bit of myself to another—and, in this surrender, something new is created, whether a baby or another form of life. — Richard Rohr Read Gates to the Temple
Purity also has to do with appropriate boundaries, protecting the sacred character of intimacy on both sides of a relationship. — Richard Rohr Read Purity and Passion
When we’re conscious, we will always do the loving thing, the connecting thing, the intimate thing, the communion thing, the aware thing. — Richard Rohr Read Conscious Love
You cannot believe in or practice unitive consciousness as long as you exclude and marginalize others. — Tim Shriver Read See, Look, Pay Attention
In the act of letting go and choosing to become servants, community is possible. Privilege gets in the way of neighboring and friendship. — Richard Rohr Read The Invisible Character of White Privilege
Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself,” not “as much as you love yourself.” We are to love others in the same way we love ourselves. — Richard Rohr Read God as Us: Week 2 Summary
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