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We need grace to change our thinking and seeing so that we can work for the good of all rather than demonizing the “other” — Richard Rohr Read Politics: Week 1 Summary
As a follower of both Jesus and Francis of Assisi, my primary moral viewpoint is not based in the well-being of those who are on top but at the bottom. — Richard Rohr Read Another Power
Without the nondual mind, it’s almost impossible for us to find another way of doing politics. Grounding social action in contemplative consciousness is not a luxury for a few but a cultural necessity. — Richard Rohr Read Service Instead of Domination
The real conversion confronting humanity today is a transformation of consciousness rather than mechanistic changes in human or social behaviour. — Diarmuid O'Murchu Read The Politics of Connectedness
Hold the tension of discerning how to love our neighbor as we love ourselves, how to honor the heart of another nation as we honor our own homeland. . . . — John Philip Newell Read Hope and Humility
Insight and energy give rise to new life as we speak and act, expressing our version of truth while checking and correcting it against the truths of others. — Parker Palmer Read Wisdom of the Heart
My contemplative practice is to attempt to sit open-handed and listen to the “wee small voice” that sometimes whispers ideas and ways forward. — Simone Campbell Read Nurturing Empathy
I encourage you to participate in some form of breaking bread this weekend as a contemplative practice, a way to open your heart and be deeply present to someone else. — Richard Rohr Read Politics: Week 2 Summary
Jesus already showed us in practice and in ritual that the spiritual, social, political, and economic move together as one. In fact, that is what makes something “spiritual.” — Richard Rohr Read The Shape of the Table

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