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Preaching From the Depths of Life with Dr. Frank A. Thomas

How can preaching be a way of relating to life and one another? On this episode, Dr. Frank A. Thomas joins Dr. Barbara Holmes and Dr. Donny Bryant for a conversation about his…

Daily Meditations

The Prophetic Future

Worship of God is all about how we treat our neighbor, how we treat the stranger in our midst. Continue Reading The Prophetic


Online Courses for Spiritual Seekers

Discover the transformational wisdom of the Christian contemplative traditions in one of our online courses. Meet other spiritual seekers, grow your practice, and strengthen your compassionate engagement.

What’s New

James Finley hosts a 4-day Virtual Retreat, Dec. 8-11, 2022

Join us for a new interactive journey into contemplative wisdom with CAC faculty James Finley. Building on the themes of the Turning to the Mystics podcast, this 4-day virtual retreat invites participants to personalize key contemplative teachings from the sacred space of their own homes. Space is limited; register today!

“There is a deep relationship between the inner revolution of prayer and the transformation of social structures and social consciousness. Our hope lies in the fact that meditation is going to change the society that we live in, just as it has changed us.”



Discover a Path Toward Gratitude in This Month’s We Conspire Articles 

This month our We Conspire series explores stories and wisdom on cultivating a sense of gratitude, even amid our own feelings of sorrow, pain, fear, and loneliness. Famished for Collective Gratitude Gratitude nudges us from unhealthy self-orientation and into loving collective consciousness.  How do

“It is being together in our wholeness, with the entire body of Christ, that makes it somehow easier to believe that we are beautiful.”


ONEING nonviolence

Embody Loving Action

In ONEING: Nonviolence, explore nonviolent resistance as an essential tool in creating a more just and loving world. Renowned for its diverse and deep exploration of mysticism and culture, the biannual journal ONEING is grounded in Richard Rohr’s teachings and wisdom lineage.

Sketch Drawing of the Bell Tower at the Visitor Center at the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM


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