To grow in deeper, loving awareness of our sisters and brothers, the beautiful creatures, and wonders of creation, we practice the art of mindfulness. — John Dear Read The Natural World: Week 1 Summary
God is both greater than the whole of our universe, and as Creator inter-penetrates all created things (panentheism). No exceptions. — Richard Rohr Read Nature Is Ensouled
Contemplative prayer allows your mind to resonate with what is right in front of you. Contemplation erases the separateness between the seer and the seen. — Richard Rohr Read Nature as a Mirror of God
The birth of the divine-human child is a revelation, a lifting of the veil to show us that all life has been conceived by the Spirit in the womb of the universe. — John Philip Newell Read The Substance of God
We are alive in a living Earth, the source of all we are and can achieve. We come home to each other and our mutual belonging in the living body of Earth. — Joanna Macy Read The Great Turning
Unless you have a spiritual practice that holds life sacred and encourages joyful communion, facing the challenges ahead becomes nearly impossible. — Joanna Macy Read Kinship with All Life
Our inner spiritual world needs the experience of the outer world of wonder for the mind, beauty for the imagination, and intimacy for the emotions. — Thomas Berry Read Wonder
Wandering in nature is an essential soulcraft practice for contemporary Westerners who have wandered so far from nature. — Bill Plotkin Read The Natural World: Week 2 Summary
God is continuously choosing each created thing specifically to exist, moment by moment. — Richard Rohr Read Irreplaceable “Thisness”
Thisness grounds the principle of incarnation in the concrete and specific. You can’t love universals. Ideology is the ego wrapping itself around abstractions. — Richard Rohr Read The Scandal of the Particular

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