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It is hard work to open up our entire being to Love. From childhood, we’re trained to protect ourselves by closing off one or more of these channels. — Richard Rohr Read Enneagram: Week 1 Summary
The essence of the FOUR is the mystery of our true identity. It feels oceanic, deep, unfathomable, mysterious. FOURs live for beauty, intimacy, and depth. — Russ Hudson Read Type FOUR: The Need to Be Authentic
The essential core of the FIVE is the soul’s capacity to be illuminated and to illuminate, to make things clear. — Russ Hudson Read Type FIVE: The Need to Know
The original blessing of the SIX is the quality of awakeness . . . that gives you an unshakable courage to take your place and walk your walk in the world. — Russ Hudson Read Type SIX: The Need for Security
SEVENs are people who radiate joy and optimism. Their motto is “More is always better.” Mostly they are gluttonous for fun and options. — Richard Rohr Read Type SEVEN: The Need to Be Happy