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CAC's 35 Year Anniversary

Join us for Virtual Sit Meditations broadcast every Friday during Lent

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Stay Loyal to Reality (feat. Barbara Brown Taylor)

What is your response when your faith tradition demands that you deny reality? Barbara Brown Taylor is back to discuss the importance of embracing “what is” more than…

Daily Meditations

Be Present as a Child

Father Richard describes how a beginner’s mind opens us to awe, wonder, and true presence with God and others:   Let me try to sum it up and describe it in this…


Embrace Conscious Love with Cynthia Bourgeault

What is the true story of Mary Magdalene—the first witness to the resurrection? Discover how Mary’s wisdom can transform our modern lives in this 8-week online course. Space is filling up quickly; enroll today!  

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Walk St. Francis’ alternative path! Embrace the sacredness of the natural world and the joys of simple living with teachings from Fr. Richard Rohr in The Franciscan Way.

“There is a deep relationship between the inner revolution of prayer and the transformation of social structures and social consciousness. Our hope lies in the fact that meditation is going to change the society that we live in, just as it has changed us.”



Discover Rituals for Deeper Meaning and Connection in March’s We Conspire articles!

How do rituals provide spiritual nourishment? Which rituals do you gravitate toward in different seasons of your life? This month’s We Conspire series looks at ways to create sacraments and sacredness within our daily lives and everyday spaces. Find Belonging and Belovedess in Life’s

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