Know that your True Self, though perhaps less visible than ego and persona, is spacious and objective. — Richard Rohr Read True Self and False Self: Week 1 Summary
Merton’s message is that our own deepest self is one with the “Risen and Deathless Christ in Whom all are fulfilled in One.” — James Finley Read Our Ultimate Identity
The spiritual life is a journey in which we discover ourselves in discovering God, and discover God in discovering our true self in God. — James Finley Read Discovering Self in Discovering God
We are not very good at recognizing the illusions we cherish about ourselves—the ones we are born with and which feed the roots of sin. — Thomas Merton Read The Illusion of Our False Self
Our true self is a received self. At each moment, we exist to the extent we receive existence from God who is existence. — James Finley Read Freedom to Be Our True Self
“The One Who Is” sustains us in existence. Our reality is truly our own, given to us by God, but it is nevertheless a received reality. — James Finley Read Existence
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