All of creation and each of us have received original blessing. Yet we have been conditioned to focus on the negative in ourselves and others. — Richard Rohr Read Sermon on the Mount: Week 2 Summary
The main question about our origins is whether the engine of creation is violence and destruction or overflowing love, joy, and creativity. — Richard Rohr Read The Story that Defines Us
Story, myth, and narrative give room for the soul, mind, and heart to expand. From such a creative stance, we can solve problems more effectively. — Richard Rohr Read Mythos and Logos
God comes as one who is totally hidden and yet perfectly revealed in the same moment or event. The first act of divine revelation is creation itself. — Richard Rohr Read Reconnecting to Our Original Identity
Either we acknowledge that God is in all things or we lose the basis for seeing God in anything, including ourselves. — Richard Rohr Read The Great Nest of Being
We come forth from God bearing the divine image, and thus our inherent identity is grounded in the life of God from the beginning. — Richard Rohr Read Christ Is the Template for Creation
Franciscans have always believed that Christ was Plan A, not a Plan B mop-up effort needed because of Adam and Eve’s sin. — Richard Rohr Read It Is Not Just About Us
Take all this heady information and experience it at the heart level through music, poetry, and art. — Richard Rohr Read Creation: Week 1 Summary
The incarnation of God did not only happen in Bethlehem two thousand years ago. It began approximately 14 billion years ago with “The Big Bang.” — Richard Rohr Read Creation Reflects God’s Glory
Incarnation (the belief that God is with us here on this earth) goes beyond Jesus of Nazareth to include all matter. God is incarnated in the world. — Sallie McFague Read Creation Is the Body of God
We need a new theology of the cosmos, one that is grounded in the best science of our day. It will be a theology in which God is very present. — Beatrice Bruteau Read Reframing Our Cosmology
Each particular being in the universe is needed. With this understanding, we can establish the basis for a flourishing Earth community. — Thomas Berry Read The Universe Story
The created realm is an instrument through which the divine life becomes perceptible to itself. It’s the way the score gets transformed into the music. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read The Universe Is Love
God as Creator is incarnate as self-creating universe, including self-creating creatures within that universe. We are the growing edge. — Beatrice Bruteau Read Our Work in Co-Creating
What are the stories that shape and fashion my life? What are the archetypal or universal stories that guide my vision and choices? — Judy Cannato Read Creation: Week 2 Summary
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