You can’t earn God’s image or prove yourself worthy. It’s simply a matter of awareness. Of enjoying the now. Deepening one’s presence. — Richard Rohr Read Introduction: Image and Likeness: Weekly Summary
Contemplation helps us experience our experiences so they can become transformational. Contemplation exposes our small self so we can be our Big Self. — Richard Rohr Read The Second Gaze
Spirituality is primarily about human transformation in this life, not just salvation in a future realm. — Richard Rohr Read Divinization
Who you are in God and who God is in you is the only self that has ever existed. It’s the only self that exists right now. — Richard Rohr Read The Lost Tradition of Contemplation
Contemplation allows us to see the truth of things in their wholeness. It detaches us—neurologically and spiritually—from our addiction to our habitual thinking. — Richard Rohr Read Learning to See
Your life is not about you; you are about Life. You are an instance of a universal pattern. God is living in you, through you, and as you! — Richard Rohr Read Mirroring the Divine
The way to any universal idea is to proceed through a concrete encounter. The one is the way to the many; the specific is the way to the spacious. — Richard Rohr Read Awe and Surrender
Most people think they are their thinking. In contemplation, we move to a level beneath thoughts, the level of pure being and naked awareness. — Richard Rohr Read Contemplative Consciousness: Weekly Summary
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