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A handful of billionaires are literally “making a killing,” while millions who live below the poverty line are “making a dying,” and very few make a fair living. — Richard Rohr Read Economy: Old and New: Weekly Summary
If God wanted us to have irrefutable proof, the incarnation of Jesus would have been delayed until technology and science could confirm it. — Richard Rohr Read Waiting and Unknowing
Experiences of darkness are good and necessary teachers. They are not to be avoided, denied, run from, or explained away. — Richard Rohr Read Gaining New Traction
Where am I going? the soul wants to know. When will this be over? the mind wants to know. How can I get out of this sightless place I’m in? the heart demands. — Joan Chittister Read Lightlessness
There is a light in us that only darkness itself can illuminate . . . when we finally surrender to the ultimate truth of creation: that there is a God and we are not it. — Joan Chittister Read Life Goes On
I know what it is like to be discriminated against because of my poverty, my race, my gender, and my disabilities. The struggle and pain have forged me in the fiery furnace of God’s love. — Diana L. Hayes Read Trouble Don’t Last Always
We must all hope and work to eliminate suffering. We don’t ignore or capitulate to suffering, yet we must allow it to transform us and the world. — Richard Rohr Read Waiting in Darkness
The mystical mind fully experiences and learns to love limited ordinary things and peeks through the clouds to glimpse infinite and seemingly invisible things. — Richard Rohr Read Darkness: Weekly Summary
Twelve-Step spirituality rediscovered the real transformative power that is the core of the Gospel. It is the spirituality of imperfection that Jesus taught. — Richard Rohr Read A Universal Addiction
I believe that Jesus and the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are saying the same thing but with different vocabulary. We suffer to get well and surrender to win. — Richard Rohr Read The Spirituality of Powerlessness
God is present in service. God is present in human love. God is present in conjugal relationships. God is present in all of nature without calling it God. — Thomas Keating Read Help from a Higher Power