The future of mature Christianity will be practice-based more than belief-based, which gives us nothing to argue about until we try it for ourselves. — Richard Rohr Read Faith and Belief: Weekly Summary
Why would God need a “blood sacrifice” before God could love God’s creation? Is God that needy, unloving, rule-bound, and unforgiving? — Richard Rohr Read Substitutionary Atonement
My understanding of the atonement theory is not heretical or new, but has quite traditional and orthodox foundations. — Richard Rohr Read A Nonviolent Atonement
Franciscans never believed that “blood atonement” was required for God to love us. Christ was Plan A from the very beginning. — Richard Rohr Read Incarnation Instead of Atonement
God is found in all things, even and most especially in the painful, tragic, sinful things—exactly where we do not want to look for God. — Richard Rohr Read Saved by the Cross
Authentic mystical experience connects us and keeps connecting us at ever-newer levels, breadths, and depths, “until God is all in all.” — Richard Rohr Read Deepening Connection
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