Most people think they are their thinking. In contemplation, we move to a level beneath thoughts, the level of pure being and naked awareness. — Richard Rohr Read Contemplative Consciousness: Weekly Summary
For those who are willing to see, the divine self-revelation of creation as image and likeness is everywhere evident, long before Scriptures were written. — Richard Rohr Read God’s Self-Revelation
In Jesus, God was given a face and a heart. God became someone we could love, “that we could hear, see, and touch.” — Richard Rohr Read Love Needs a Face
The Bible is controversial. It has done an immense amount of good. Unfortunately, it probably has also caused more damage than any other text. — Richard Rohr Read Who Was Jesus?
Words are fingers pointing to the moon, never the moon itself. Not knowing this has kept much religion infantile, arrogant, and even dangerous. — Richard Rohr Read The Living Word of God
We are strangers and nomads on this earth. Our task is to learn how to live in both worlds until they become one—at least in us. — Richard Rohr Read Jesus’ Alternative Reality
We offer our “sacrifices” to a distant and demanding God. We return love to a God who is intimate and merciful. — Richard Rohr Read To Know God Is to Love God
Jesus follows the biblical thread that confirms the God he knows, loves, and trusts. He ignores or contradicts texts that are punitive or exclusionary. — Richard Rohr Read Jesus of Nazareth: Week 1 Summary
Jesus did not come to change the mind of God about humanity (it did not need changing)! Jesus came to change the mind of humanity about God! — Richard Rohr Read At-One-Ment, Not Atonement
Only a radical experience of grace can move us beyond the self-defeating and tired story line of reward and punishment, in which almost all lose. — Richard Rohr Read God Is Merciful and Gracious
The central imperative in the teaching of Jesus is to live in accord with God’s character: “Be compassionate, as God is compassionate.” — Marcus Borg Read In Imitation of God
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