Daily Meditations
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To all beings that inhabit this earth, human or otherwise: the two-legged, the four-legged, winged and finned—we say, “You belong.” — Center for Action and Contemplation Read Unity and Diversity: Weekly Summary
God is beyond gender, but because Western Christianity has primarily worshipped male images, it’s important to reclaim female incarnation. — Richard Rohr Read Archetypal Feminine
Mary became the symbol of the First Universal Incarnation. She then hands the Second Incarnation (Jesus) on to us. — Richard Rohr Read The First Incarnation
Much of the human race can more easily imagine unconditional love coming from the feminine and the maternal than from a man. — Richard Rohr Read The Deep Feminine
In blessed Mother’s view, all are lovable; all souls are accepted, all carry a sweetness of heart, are beautiful to the eyes. . . . — Clarissa Pinkola Estés Read Our Blessed Mother
My God is a curvy black woman with dreadlocks and dark, cocoa-brown skin. She laughs from her belly and is unashamed to cry. — Jacqui Lewis Read She Is Love
The feminine is shifting the global paradigm from one of dominance and individualized salvation to one of collective awakening and service. — Mirabai Starr Read Wise Women
Contemplation is not so much a matter of transcending mundane existence as it is becoming present to the realities of the human experience. — Mirabai Starr Read Feminine Incarnation: Weekly Summary
Authentic love is of one piece. How you love anything is how you love everything. How you love is how you have accessed Love. — Richard Rohr Read How We Love

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