We are not free until we are free from our own compulsiveness, resentments, complaining, and obsessive patterns of thinking. — Richard Rohr Read The Apostle Paul: Weekly Summary
We must recover grace-oriented spirituality if we are to rebuild Christianity from the bottom up. — Richard Rohr Read Grace Must Win
What is the law for? It’s not to make God love you. God already loves you; you cannot make God love you any more or any less. — Richard Rohr Read The Purpose of the Law
God’s freely given grace is a humiliation to the ego because free gifts say nothing about being strong, superior, or moral. Only the soul can understand grace. — Richard Rohr Read An Economy of Grace
A saint always knows that there is more than enough for our need but never enough for our greed. — Richard Rohr Read Worldview of Abundance
The Bible shows a relentless movement toward intimacy between Creator and creatures. There’s a little bit of God in us that wants to find itself. — Richard Rohr Read Implanted Desire
God is God’s own reference point. God is just being true to Godself in loving. God’s faithfulness has never been dependent on our worthiness. — Richard Rohr Read Covenant Love
Grace and mercy teach us that we are all much more than the good or bad stories we tell about ourselves. — Richard Rohr Read Law and Grace: Weekly Summary
Francis and Clare fell in love with the humanity and humility of Jesus. For them Jesus was someone to actually imitate and not just to worship as divine. — Richard Rohr Read A Third Way
We have not taught a spirituality of actual change or growth. Maybe that is why our earth is so depleted and our politics are so pathetic. — Richard Rohr Read Spirituality of Change

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