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We gradually come to recognize that “thinking” does not enable us to love God and love others. We need a different operating system that begins with and leads to silence. — Richard Rohr Read An Embarrassing Silence
Without silence, we do not really experience our experiences. We are here, but not in the depth of here. We have many experiences, but they do not have the power to change us. — Richard Rohr Read Silence, the Great Teacher
Silence is not the absence of being; it is a kind of being itself. It is not something distant, obtuse, or obscure of which only ascetics and hermits are capable. — Richard Rohr Read Inner Silence
A regular practice of contemplation helps us trust that silence will uphold us, receive our mistakes, and give us the courage to learn and grow. — Richard Rohr Read Sacred Silence
Those who have gone to their own depths through contemplation uncover an indwelling Presence. It is a deep and loving “yes” to life that is inherent within each of us. — Richard Rohr Read Naturally Indwelling
Jesus never told us to separate ourselves from the world. St. Francis didn’t hate or avoid the world. He said that the whole world is our cloister. — Richard Rohr Read Action and Contemplation: Part One: Weekly Summary