I am one with the source insofar as I act as a source by making everything I have received flow again—just like Jesus. — Raimon Panikkar Read The Wisdom Jesus: Weekly Summary
Only through a point of nothingness can we enter the larger mind. As long as we’re filled with ourselves, we can go no further. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Be Receptive (or Be Open)
Only when we have dealt directly with our sense of fear and scarcity are we truly able to inherit the earth rather than destroy it. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Be Comforted, Be Gentled
Jesus promises that when the hunger arises within you to find your own deepest aliveness within God’s aliveness, it will be satisfied. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Be Connected
Mercy is not something God has so much as it’s something that God is. All things share in the divine life through participation in this dance of giving and receiving. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Be Merciful
When your heart can live in perfect alignment with that resonant field of mutual yearning we called “the righteousness of God,” then you “see God.” — Cyn Read Be Whole-Hearted
When the field of vision has been unified, the inner being comes to rest, and that inner peaceableness flows into the outer world as harmony and compassion. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Be Peaceable, Be Free
Self-emptying is not about rolling over and playing dead. It is about connecting with a powerful and vibrant energy of sustenance. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read The Beatitudes: Weekly Summary
Jesus’ life, death, and raising up is the whole pattern revealed, named, summed up, and assured for our own lives. — Richard Rohr Read The Mystery of the Cross

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