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The Spirit teaches any faithful person to read Scripture (and the very experiences of life) with a gaze of love. — Richard Rohr Read Jesus and the Bible: Weekly Summary
Jesus asked timeless and personal questions: What does it mean to die before you die? How do you go about losing your little life to find the bigger one? — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Teacher of Wisdom
How do we put on the mind of Christ? How do we see through his eyes? How do we respond to the world with that same wholeness and healing love? — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Putting on the Mind of Christ
Heaven is not later, but lighter—some more subtle quality or dimension of experience accessible to you right in the moment. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read The Kingdom of Heaven
The Oneness Jesus has in mind is a complete, mutual indwelling: I am in God, God is in you, you are in God, we are in each other. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Oneness
We come into existence with a certain operating system already installed. We can make the choice to upgrade. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Upgrading Our Operating System
In every life circumstance, Jesus always responded with the same motion of self-emptying—taking the lower place, not the higher. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read The Path of Descent
The Trinitarian impulse is both the icon of divine reality within us and the means by which that reality brings itself to fullness. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Jesus: Wisdom Teacher: Weekly Summary
Personal “salvation” cannot be divorced from social and systemic implications. — Richard Rohr Read New Wineskins
Faith is a spiritual pathway, a life built on transformative practices of love rather than doctrinal belief. — Diana Butler Bass Read People of the Way
In Jesus we don’t just see a presentation of doctrines but an invitation to join a movement that is about demonstrating God’s goodness to the world. — Shane Claiborne Read Belief or Discipleship?
The earliest formal declaration of Christian belief is a vision and philosophy statement with no mission statement, as it were. — Richard Rohr Read The Creeds

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