What I fear and desire most in this world is passion. I fear it because it promises to be spontaneous, out of my control, unnamed, beyond my reasonable self. — Terry Tempest Williams Read Gender and Sexuality: Week 1 Summary
God is beyond gender, of course. Yet Genesis says that both male and female are included in “the image of God” (1:27). — Richard Rohr Read Feminine and Masculine Principles
Sexuality and spirituality emerge from the same foundation and have the same goal: universal love. — Richard Rohr Read Union: The Foundation and Goal
To reclaim Mary Magdalene is to reclaim Christianity. Without her, our understanding of what Jesus really taught is incomplete. — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Reclaiming Women’s Wisdom
If Jesus shows us what the completed human being looks like in male form, Mary Magdalene models it for us in its female version — Cynthia Bourgeault Read Mary Magdalene
While my religious order is far from perfect, I appreciate how Franciscanism has honored and embraced the feminine side of things. — Richard Rohr Read Franciscan Feminism

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