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Centering Prayer is a practice in letting go of thoughts, one after the other after the other. — Richard Rohr Read Joy and Hope: Weekly Summary
What if we’ve missed the point of who Christ is? I believe that a Christian is simply one who has learned to see Christ everywhere. — Richard Rohr Read Who Is Christ?
All of creation first holds God’s anointing (“beloved” status), and then Jesus brings the message home in a personal way over thirteen billion years later! — Richard Rohr Read From the Beginning of Time
We fell in love with the symbol instead of what Jesus fully represented. To love “Jesus, the Christ” is to love everything that he stands for. — Richard Rohr Read The Inner Blueprint
Love is the very nature of Being. God is not a being who occasionally decides to love. God is Being Itself. — Richard Rohr Read Outpouring Love
Christ is the eternal amalgam of matter and spirit as one. Wherever the human and the divine coexist, we have the Christ. — Richard Rohr Read Christ Is Everywhere
Every time you and I hate, fear, compete, attack, judge, separate—thus avoiding the necessary letting go—we are resisting the full flow of Love. — Richard Rohr Read Growing in Christ
Does everyone have to become Christian to know the Christ? Absolutely not. Christ is the communion of divine personal love. — Ilia Delio Read The Universal Christ: Weekly Summary
Whenever your heart, mind, and body are all present and accounted for at the same time, you can experience pure presence. — Richard Rohr Read Open Heart, Mind, and Body
Everything we meet, see, hear, and touch, far from defiling, purifies us and plants in us something more of contemplation and heaven. — Thomas Merton Read Knowing Our Source
God is Being itself, but also a Being that is more me than I am myself. God has become a Thou, and not just an energy field. — Richard Rohr Read Relationship
The presence of God can be experienced through the love of nature, deep friendship, generous service, or the discoveries of science. — Thomas Keating Read Centering Prayer
Centering Prayer means opening ourselves up to a conversion of our will and total transformation. — Susan Rush Read A Prayer for Living and Dying
If we do not discover a prayer practice that “invades” our unconscious and reveals what is hidden, we will actually change very little. — Richard Rohr Read The Unconscious

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