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In Centering Prayer, choose a sacred word as the symbol of your intention to consent to God’s presence and action within. — Thomas Keating Read Centering Prayer: Weekly Summary
In passing from ego consciousness to meditative states of awareness, we are awakened to our inner longings for eternal oneness with God. — James Finley Read Union with Infinite Love
We meditate that we might learn, with God’s grace, to see God in all that we see. — James Finley Read Awakening to Oneness
There are not two minds of Christ, one human and the other divine. The mind of Christ is the realized oneness of the divine and all that we are as humans. — James Finley Read Being Human
Jesus’ message rang out to one and all: a divine benevolence gives itself to you whole and complete in and as your very life. — James Finley Read Christ’s Pulse
Compassion is the love that recognizes and goes forth to identify with the preciousness of all that is lost and broken within ourselves and others. — James Finley Read How to Meditate
Compassion forms the essential bond between seeking God in meditation and all forms of social justice. — James Finley Read Dreaming Compassion
As you inhale, listen to the incoming breath so intently that you can hear in it God’s silent “I love you.” In this moment, God is flowing into you. — James Finley Read Meditation: Weekly Summary
The Trinity is foundational to Christianity because it reveals the heart of the nature of God, yet it has made almost no difference in the lives of most Christians. — Richard Rohr Read Knowing through Loving
God is not the dancer but the dance itself! God is much more a dynamic verb than a static noun. God is constant flow. — Richard Rohr Read A Circle Dance