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The hesychast is not someone who has journeyed outwardly into the desert, but someone who has embarked upon the journey inwards into his [or her] own heart. — Kallistos Ware Read Eastern Christianity: Weekly Summary
Contemplation is the way you know and think of yourself when you are sincerely praying and present—as opposed to thinking, arguing, or proving. — Richard Rohr Read The Christian Contemplative Tradition
We don’t come to the monastery to get away from suffering; we come to hold the suffering of all the world. — Thomas Merton Read Renewal of Contemplative Christianity
The false self is simply a substitute for our deeper and deepest truth. It is a useful and even needed part of ourselves, but it is not all. — Richard Rohr Read The Self-in-God
The biblical revelation is about awakening, not accomplishing. It is about realization, not performance. You cannot get there, you can only be there. — Richard Rohr Read The Soul’s Objective Union with God
We are all attached and addicted in some way. At the very least, we are addicted to our compulsive dualistic patterns of thinking. — Richard Rohr Read Healing Addiction

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