Francis did not wish for himself or his followers to be priests, to take higher places on the Church’s ladder of education, prestige, and power. — Richard Rohr Read Franciscan Spirituality: Week 2 Summary
God is with us in everything and can be found in and through everything, even and often most especially our limits and our suffering — Richard Rohr Read A Fountain Fullness of Love
We are already connected to everything—inherently, objectively, metaphysically, ontologically, and theologically. — Richard Rohr Read Remain in Love
Francis of Assisi focused on alleviating the needs and the suffering of others instead of self-advancement. — Richard Rohr Read Freedom
Freedom is letting go of wanting more and better things, and it is letting go of our need to control and manipulate God and others. — Richard Rohr Read The Path of Descent
Religion is not about heroic will power or winning or being right. True growth in holiness is a growth in willingness to love and be loved. — Richard Rohr Read A Spirituality of the Beatitudes
This is not an elitist journey. It is not based in asceticism or superiority but in the elements that are universally available to all humans — Richard Rohr Read A Franciscan Revolution
Francis and Clare found freedom living “on the edge of the inside,” moving where the outcasts, poor, and marginalized lived. — Richard Rohr Read Franciscan Spirituality: Week 3 Summary
In the Franciscan worldview, the Christ can be found everywhere. Nothing is secular or profane. — Richard Rohr Read The Whole World Is Our Cloister

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