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“My beloved,” Jesus says, “I am your self. I am your beauty. I am your goodness, which you are destroying. I am what you do to what you should love.” — Richard Rohr Read Jesus and the Cross: Weekly Summary
The Resurrection is not so much a miracle as it is an apparition of what has always been true and will always be true. — Richard Rohr Read Christ Is Risen
Everything that exists in material form is the offspring of some Primal Source, which originally existed only as Spirit. — Richard Rohr Read Primordial Template
What if Christ is a name for the transcendent within of every “thing” in the universe? The Christ Mystery anoints physical matter with eternal purpose. — Richard Rohr Read Another Name for Every Thing
Look at Jesus until we can see the world with his eyes. In Jesus Christ, God’s own broad, deep, and all-inclusive worldview is made available to us. — Richard Rohr Read Seeing Christ Everywhere
The only people that Jesus seemed to exclude were those who didn’t think they were sinners like everyone else. The only thing he excluded was exclusion. — Richard Rohr Read The Unnamable One
A truly transformative God—for both the individual and all of history—needs to be experienced as personal and universal. — Richard Rohr Read Personal and Universal
Christ is everywhere. In him every kind of life has a meaning and a solid connection. Every life has an influence on every other kind of life. — Richard Rohr Read Jesus and Christ: Weekly Summary
God’s first “idea” was to pour out divine infinite love into finite, visible forms. The Big Bang is our scientific name for that; Christ is our theological name. — Richard Rohr Read God’s First Idea
Long before Jesus’ personal Incarnation, Christ was deeply embedded in all things—as all things! — Richard Rohr Read In the Beginning
God chose to manifest the invisible in what we call the “visible,” so that all things visible are the revelation of God’s endlessly diffusive spiritual energy. — Richard Rohr Read Coherence and Belonging

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