Breath is the sustainer of life. We breathe together to invoke the spiritual strength to withstand and resist injustice. — Barbara Holmes Read Human Bodies: Week 2 Summary
The present sexual climate is the result of not finding an integrated and healing sexual ethic. We need a positive theology of sexuality, intimacy, and consent. — Richard Rohr Read Bearing the Mystery of God
Why did God let us get so excited about one another’s bodies and beauty? Could God be playing a trick on us? Of course not! — Richard Rohr Read Wholeness
Religion, as its root re-ligio (to “re-ligament”) indicates, is the task of putting our divided realities back together: human and divine, male and female. . . . — Richard Rohr Read Reuniting Our Separated Selves
An evolving universe gives us the freedom to be surprised and change our minds when reality doesn’t match our preconceived notions. It allows growth and change. — Richard Rohr Read The Essential Self and the Passing Self
I feel a responsibility to clarify some of the misunderstanding regarding marriage and sexuality that has led to pain, exclusion, and often abuse. — Richard Rohr Read Marriage
Sex combines embodied love and desire, conversation and communication, openness to the other, and even encounter with God. — Margaret Farley Read In Pursuit of Sexual Justice
What I fear and desire most in this world is passion. I fear it because it promises to be spontaneous, out of my control, unnamed, beyond my reasonable self. — Terry Tempest Williams Read Gender and Sexuality: Week 1 Summary

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