Daily Meditations
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Think of a negative thought you’ve had about yourself. Turn it upside down and say an affirmation of your God-given value. — Richard Rohr Read Christ in Paul’s Eyes: Weekly Summary
When Jesus said, “This is my Body,” I believe he was speaking not just about the bread right in front of him, but about the whole universe. — Richard Rohr Read God’s Body
Wherever the material and the spiritual coincide, we have the Christ. The Eucharist offers this message in very condensed, concrete form. — Richard Rohr Read You Are the Body of Christ
Jesus calls us to live in bodily solidarity “with the blood of every person whose blood has been unjustly shed on this earth” (Matthew 23:35). — Richard Rohr Read Holy Blood
We must move our knowing to the bodily, cellular, participative, and thus unitive level . . . until one day it dawns on us, “I also am the Body of Christ.” — Richard Rohr Read Bodily Knowing
God as the embodied spirit of the universe is a personal/organic model that is compatible with interpretations of both Christian faith and contemporary science. — Sallie McFague Read The Universe Is the Body of God
God is present when and where the oppressed are liberated, the sick are healed, the outcast are invited in. — Sallie McFague Read Finding God Everywhere
The Eucharist is a startling ritual. It is bloody, embodied, and sensual, shocking us into a realization of oneness with God. — Richard Rohr Read This Is My Body: Weekly Summary
Christ is both the Divine Radiance at the beginning and the Divine Allure drawing and attracting us into a more positive future. — Richard Rohr Read Unfolding Creation
If the dynamics of the universe from the beginning . . . formed the earth . . . we can have confidence in the future that awaits the human venture. — Thomas Berry Read The Pattern of Evolution
To love God requires loving the world as well, since what God brought forth in the evolving cosmos is precisely God’s loving self-expression. — Louis Savary Read The Christ Project
The success of God’s plan for creation depends on [our] conscious and creative activity to keep the divine plan evolving and developing. — Louis Savary Read Collective Evolution
Christianity is a religion of evolution, a consciousness of divine love-empowered reality. Our challenge today is to stay the course of love. — Ilia Delio Read Dynamic Love
Because we humans are in evolution we must see Christ in evolution as well—Christ’s humanity is our humanity, Christ’s life is our life. — Ilia Delio Read Consciously Evolving
Discover the diaphanous divine beauty, not only in the spectacular loveliness of creation . . . , but also in your daily personal and interpersonal experience. — Louis Savary Read Christ in Evolution: Weekly Summary
There are two major tasks of life. The first task is to build a strong “container” or identity; the second is to find the contents. — Richard Rohr Read The Task within the Task
We are created in union with God from the beginning. But it is hard for us to believe or experience this without a healthy ego and boundaries. — Richard Rohr Read The Container and the Contents
The first half of life is all about performance. And it seems that it must be this way. We have to do it wrong before we know what right might be. — Richard Rohr Read In Need of Guidance

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