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All prayer is seconding the motion. God is the initial motion, the initiative. In contemplation, we become aware of God’s movement and surrender to it. — Richard Rohr Read Action and Contemplation: Week 2 Summary
Throughout most of history, the journey through death into life was taught in sacred space and ritual form, which clarified, distilled, and shortened the process. — Richard Rohr Read Passing from Death to Life Now
The heart is normally opened through a necessary hole in the soul, a sacred wound. Our wound is the only way for us to get out of ourselves and for grace to get in. — Richard Rohr Read Life Is Hard
Eventually we must learn to hold the paradox of our finite self held within the eternal and infinite Love. — Richard Rohr Read You Are Not That Important
Your life is not about you. It is about God and about allowing Life and Death to “be done unto me,” which is Mary’s prayer at the beginning and Jesus’ prayer at the end. — Richard Rohr Read Your Life Is Not about You