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The Cloud of Unknowing: Listener Questions

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Length: 01:16:00
Size: 70mb

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In this episode, Jim and Kirsten answer questions that were submitted by the listeners during the airing of the 5th season around The Cloud of Unknowing.

Due to the length of this episode, we are providing key markers so you can move around the episode however it best applies to your path.


00:02:38 – Recapping The Cloud of Unknowing
00:05:19 – Gender and The Cloud of Unknowing
00:07:38 – Questions about The Path
00:11:55 – Using Words and Anchors in Meditation
00:14:09 – Encountering Anxiety During Meditation
00:22:23 – Working with Non-Attachment and Fear
00:27:30 – Meditation in Group Settings
00:30:32 – Difficult Emotions During Practice
00:33:51 – Accepting Yourself During Practice
00:36:14 – The Cloud and Working with Painful Memories
00:41:19 – Working with Pain and the Infinite
00:43:56 – Struggling to Connect with Unitive Consciousness
00:47:48 – Is Every Thing Eternal?
00:52:16 – Feeling Love During Contemplation
00:55:21 – A Voicemail from Miguel
01:01:14 – The Mystics and Centering Prayer
01:03:37 – Bringing Our Practice Into the World
01:06:40 – Loving God for God Alone
01:09:01 – Contemplative Transformation of Personality


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