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Seeing Nature as a Lover (Part 1) With Scott Smith

Friday, May 3, 2024
Length: 00:40:00
Size: 40mb

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What can you do, big or small, to create a positive impact on the planet?

In this episode, Brian interviews Scott Smith, a retired wildlife ecologist, about his career in conservation and the importance of protecting the natural world. Scott shares his early love for nature and how it led him to become a wildlife ecologist. He discusses the work of conservation, including habitat preservation, species monitoring, and genetic flow. Scott also highlights the interconnectedness between human society and the environment, emphasizing the need to address poverty, equity, and social justice in conservation efforts.


Meet the Guest

Scott received a BS in Natural Resources from the University of Rhode Island and a MS in Wildlife Management from Frostburg State University. He is a Wildlife Ecologist with DNR’s Natural Heritage Program. He has worked for Maryland DNR for 31 years. Scott currently conducts conservation efforts and applied research for reptiles and amphibians and their habitats, though in his career he has worked throughout the US with birds, mammals, fish, shellfish, and plants. He has worked with terrapins since 2008. A native New Englander, Scott has lived in Maryland for 34 years and on the Eastern Shore in Caroline County. Scott is married to a fellow biologist, Nancy, and has a wonderful daughter Abby.

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