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Center for Action and Contemplation

Seeing Nature as a Doctor (Part 2) With Theresa Martella

Friday, May 24, 2024
Length: 00:43:00
Size: 43mb

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How do you feel when you witness the destruction of creation?

In this episode, Brian interviews Teresa Martella, an environmental scientist and spiritual ecologist, about the interconnectedness of ecology and spirituality. Together they discuss the ecological crisis, climate change, and the deep grief that comes with witnessing the destruction of the natural world. Teresa shares her personal journey of reconciling her scientific background with her spiritual beliefs and finding a contemplative practice to ground herself in the face of climate change grief. They explore the need for a shift in human relationships with the Earth and the importance of finding meaning and purpose in uncertain times.


Meet the Guest

Theresa Martella is a spiritual director and spiritual ecologist who is skilled at listening deeply to you as you explore your spirituality in a non-judging and loving way. Theresa is a student of contemplative wisdom, having spent two years studying at the Center for Action and Contemplation under Richard Rohr and other great teachers of our time. She will complete her certification in Spiritual Direction at the Benedictine Spiritual Direction Training program at Benet Hill Monastery in Colorado Springs in August 2024.

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