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Center for Action and Contemplation

CAC Copyright and Permissions Policy

It is the desire of CAC to be generous with Fr. Richard Rohr’s Intellectual Property (IP), while maintaining the integrity of the CAC Copyright and Permissions Policy outlined below.

Permissions policy for content on CAC.ORG

All Written Content Appearing on

  • Written content appearing on is owned by CAC or used by permission of its original owner or publisher as indicated.
  • All rights to this content are reserved to CAC and may only be used as described within this permissions policy.
  • The publisher of any third-party publisher content appearing on must be contacted directly to request permission for any use of the same.

Gratis Use Guidelines:

Written permission is not required if:

  • No more than 1,000 words are quoted in total, AND such quoted content does not make up more than 15% of the total text.
  • All quoted content is properly cited (see “Copyright Notice” below).
  • The content is not listed below in the “Non-Gratis Use Guidelines” section.
  • Quoted content is linked to the CAC site or any specific post or page on the CAC site.
  • Print and assemble up to fifty (50) copies of content appearing at for internal distribution within your own company or organization for personal, non-commercial use, so long as such content complies with all other “Gratis Use Guidelines” stated here.

Non-Gratis Use Guidelines:

CAC’s express written consent is required for any of the following:

  • Content used for commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of any content appearing on, or any portion thereof.
  • Alter, change, or build upon any work appearing at
  • Use of charts, maps, illustrations, footnotes, study notes, reference material, and the like.
  • Use of content for purposes of developing or for use in or on smart phone applications, media platforms, websites, or related digital products.

Whether a quotation is used Gratis or with express permission, all quotations must be properly cited from the resource from which it was drawn. By way of example, a copyright notice may appear as follows: “Copyright © 2018 by CAC. Used by permission of CAC. All rights reserved worldwide.”

Re-posting and Translation Rights:

CAC does not permit the re-posting of any content in its entirety, including nesting CAC’s website within an iFrame. In addition, CAC does not allow the translation and publication of any content into other languages.

Permissions Policy for all other CAC printed and recorded content

All Other Printed or Recorded Material Published by or Available From CAC

Written permission is required for publications or products that use material and/or excerpts from any CAC audio or video recording, online course, or publication.

Complete and submit the CAC Permission Request Form. CAC strives to answer all requests on a first come, first served basis.”

Please note:

  • All information must be provided, or request will not be processed.
  • Do not call regarding your permission request, as that delays the process.
  • Do not send duplicate requests.
  • Telephone or fax requests are not accepted.
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