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Center for Action and Contemplation

Alumni Quarterly — Spring 2019

Monday, May 27, 2019

Dear Living School Alumni,

This Quarterly celebrates the recent CAC Conference The Universal Christ while embracing a theme of “Nature: The First Bible.” In the Contemplative Practice section, readers are invited to pray that God does indeed love things by becoming them. Dani Kruetter (’18) offers alumni a chance to engage in visio divina with her nature-based photo essay from Uganda. I interview CAC core faculty Cynthia Bourgeault, who suggests that the question about “Nature: The First Bible” might even be “jury-rigged from the start” by assuming a God who exists separate from nature in the first place. George and Matilda Angus (’18), writing from South Africa, share their artistic process of creating sculptures from rock. Gary Paul Nabhan (’16), a conservation biologist and member of the Ecumenical Order of Franciscans, asks, “What if getting our relationship right with the Earth and all its creatures is . . . as crucial as getting our relations right with our Creator, our family, and our neighbors?” There’s also an inspiring integration project report from Indonesia, a “First Incarnation” inspired song from songwriter Alana Levandoski (’15), and much more.

As usual, I welcome your suggestions and submissions. The theme of the next Quarterly in August will be the challenging topic of addiction. I invite your articles, personal reflections, poems, photographs, and more. Send them to [email protected] by July 8.

Yours in a Christ-soaked universe,

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Mark Longhurst (’15)

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This issue features:

Editor’s Note

Contemplative Practice
Visio Divina (art) by Janet McKenzie
God Loves Things by Becoming Them (prayer) from The Universal Christ Liturgies
The Love of Wonder (photo essay) by Dani Kreutter

Contemplative Study
Interview with Cynthia Bourgeault
How Do We Move Things Forward within Institutions that Constrain Us? (video) by Jacqui Lewis at The Universal Christ conference
First Advent (Ex Nihilo) (song) by Alana Levandoski

Contemplative Community
“Can I Have That Rock?” (on streaming The Universal Christ conference) by Liz Walz
Listening by George and Matilda Angus
Being with Animals by Linda Hand

Contemplative Solidarity
Getting the Earthʼs Sacredness Right Every Earth Day by Gary Paul Nabhan
A Xennial Franciscan by Rhett Engelking
Play Structures for Disadvantaged Children by Marc-Andr. von Allmen and Aprile Denise

Deboneeʼs Film Corner
Jim Jarmuschʼs Paterson

The Universal Christ Conference: Alumni Voices

Alumni News

CAC News


Cynthia’s Interview (click here to download or listen below)

Cynthia Bourgeault Interview (Transcript)


First Advent Song (click here to download or listen below)


Jacqui Lewis Workshop unedited transcript


McCain-Leonardini Interview transcript

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