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Center for Action and Contemplation
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What is Spiritual Direction?

“If you do not have someone to guide you, to hold onto you during the times of not knowing, you will normally stay at your present level of growth.” –Father Richard Rohr

Contemplative prayer is a practice for a lifetime, never perfected yet always enough. Contemplation can take many forms, from meditation to chanting to Centering Prayer—and even spiritual direction and spiritual companionship.

Through deep listening, a spiritual companion can help others explore a deeper relationship with God. Like other forms of contemplation, a spiritual companion or spiritual director helps people connect more deeply with the True Self, without judging, proselytizing, or preaching.

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For many, the contemplative practice of spiritual companionship is a journey to expand beyond our small self and uncover who we are in the truest and deepest sense.

The Benefit of Spiritual Direction

The spiritual journey is often a lonely path, especially in difficult or trying times. A sacred companion, like a spiritual director or friend, can guide and reflect back to us God’s presence in our life and the world—awakening new possibilities, connections, and deeper meaning. As Father Richard says, “The job of the spiritual director is to hold on to spirit. We don’t recognize our immense need for control. Spirit can’t let you get away with that. We have to find a different meaning and expand the limits of our perspectives.”

Watch Father Richard Rohr explain why more people are asking for—and benefiting from—spiritual direction.

Spiritual Director’s International

Spiritual Directors International (SDI) is a global learning community that advocates for the service of spiritual companionship or spiritual direction. Since the Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) does not offer spiritual direction, we are grateful for partnerships with organizations like Spiritual Director’s International (SDI). SDI helps connect members of our community to a spiritual director in their area. The organization also provides resources and training for those interested in learning more about the contemplative practice of spiritual companionship.

On SDI’s website you can learn more about spiritual companionship or take steps to find one.


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