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Wisdom’s Way of Knowing: Weekly Summary

Wisdom’s Way of Knowing

Summary: Sunday, January 11-Friday, January 16, 2015

How can we turn information into transformation? (Sunday)

Love is luring us forward, because love is what we already are at our core, and we are naturally drawn to the fullness of our own being. (Monday)

Wisdom is not the result of mental effort; it is a way of being—a way of being whole and fully open to a knowing that is more than rational thought alone. (Tuesday)

Alongside all our knowing, accompanying every bit of our knowing, must be the humble “knowing that we do not know.” (Wednesday)

Words can’t get you there. Only experience, love, and relationship can. (Thursday)

We are all pointing to one underlying and universal truth that we all strive toward in ten thousand ways. (Friday)


Practice: Mind + Heart + Body Awareness

It is hard work to open up our entire being—heart, mind, and body—to Love. From childhood, we’re trained to protect ourselves by closing off one or more of these channels. Perhaps this was a necessary coping mechanism. But to develop a mature, holistic faith, we must learn to embrace and listen to each part in the safety of God’s presence. We each depend on certain areas more than others. It will take some “exercise” to develop the neglected muscle of body, heart, or mind. Below are some practices to nurture each area of being (we’ll introduce some of these in more depth throughout the year).

Heart: loving-kindness meditation, deep listening, community, journaling

Mind: lectio divina (sacred reading), writing, dialectic argument, study

Body: ecstatic dance, yoga, meditative walking, chant, tai chi

Gateway to Silence:
May I love with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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