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Update from Akron Catholic Worker

Update from Akron Catholic Worker
Mary Beora O’Connor (’16)

Dear Living School Community,

I live and work in the Summit Lake neighborhood of Akron, Ohio. Summit Lake is a beautiful, dissolving old urban sector, dotted with wooden houses built in the 1910’s to accommodate the massive influx of rubber workers. It has suffered neglect and gradual diminishment. Its challenges are many, as are its joys. People visit on front porches as children ride bikes and run around freely.

The Catholic Worker house of Akron and the Peter Maurin Center are in the neighborhood also. Their mission focuses on Hispanic women and children. They provide long-term housing and support until such time as suitable permanent housing is secured for the families. Catholic Worker Akron also provides tremendous emotional and practical support to immigrants during the ongoing stress, injustice, and complexity of current national policy.

Sister Catherine Walsh, one of the original three founders, lives in one of four houses of hospitality on Princeton Street. She is the indomitable force for the nonviolent response to injustice, one of the most awesome eighty-year-olds you could ever hope to meet. But we all know that her full retirement is coming. And we are all praying that the right person is going to come knocking on the door.

If you are looking for a way to serve and grow in community, I urge you to consider spending a season with Catholic Worker Akron. Please feel free to contact me or Sister Catherine directly at [email protected].

Please also feel free to contact or visit me anytime. I recently moved to a small cottage in the midst of the four Catholic Worker houses. We would be neighbors! There is a seat on the front porch waiting for you!