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The Heart Covered by the Veiled Universe Longs for You

The Heart Covered by the Veiled Universe Longs for You
Matt Mumber (’15)

The heart covered by the veiled universe longs for you
full moon on a clouded night
windblown seed finally nestled in frozen earth
an infant’s midnight sigh

and yet
your attention lies elsewhere
in the fragility that sits within the center of all things
with limitless inclusion
you prefer
the security of known illusion

and still the gentle wind whispers
it does not have to be so heavy
the weight of what you think you are
release and abandon
your firmly rooted explanations
float freely
like a wispy white dandelion seed
for you are the seed
the open air
the fertile soil
sun, rain, leaf and flower

the infinite love in everything
waits eternally for your arrival

Matt Mumber (’15) is an oncologist and writer based in Rome, Georgia.

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