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Online Conversation Guidelines

The Center for Action and Contemplation (CAC) encourages authentic conversation on our various online platforms, such as the Living School, online courses, webcasts, and social media.

We expect all participants across CAC’s online chat, comment, and discussion forums to abide by these guidelines:

1. Be considerate and respectful of others’ beliefs and perspectives. Approach online conversations with a contemplative, non-dual spirit and a willingness to have your heart and mind opened to new ways of thinking.

2. Constructive disagreement and differences of opinion are welcome. Personal attacks (ad hominem) and deliberately provocative posts (trolling) are not tolerated.

3. There is absolutely no tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, profanity, or any form of hate speech. All offensive or threatening comments will be removed, and the participant may be banned from further use of the online platform.

4. CAC does not offer professional counseling on its online platforms, nor should participants. Please refrain from attempting to rescue, fix, psychoanalyze, or evaluate another individual.

5. Keep your comments relevant to the theme of the post or content. Share your own personal experience or other related resources (articles, videos, etc.) that add value to the conversation.

6. Posts sharing personal or commercial blogs, videos, or websites that are promotional in nature and provide no context for other participants will be flagged for removal. Spam-like posts will be removed.

7. In some cases, discussion forums are not the place for technical questions. Please follow the unique guidelines for each online platform regarding where and how to direct your technical questions.

8. Share only public domain items and/or content for which you hold the copyright or have received permission to use. Images, poetry, and other material posted in potential breach of copyright will be removed.

9. The CAC will never ask for personal information over a chat forum. Do not share passwords, financial information, or personal information over public forums.

10. Help keep these online platforms safe and constructive by flagging spam and by notifying CAC of any potential problems or inappropriate behavior. Encourage other participants to follow these guidelines.

CAC reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments and/or block the user from further participation across CAC’s online platforms. If you violate these guidelines, you may be reminded of this policy and/or permanently removed from the online platform.

Please note that refunds are not available if you are banned from a CAC online program for inappropriate behavior.
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