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Now Available: ONEING: Unveiled

Awaken to mystical moments in the new issue of ONEING, the biannual journal of the Center for Action and Contemplation.
May 20th, 2022
Now Available: ONEING: Unveiled

CAC Publishing is excited to announce that the Spring 2022 issue of ONEING is now available! ONEING: Unveiled explores how the contemplative mind invites us to experience God in the world, from everyday mystical moments to the apocalyptic revealing of half-hidden truths.

The small human ego appears to control almost everything now, as Christianity has wasted its time attacking the shadow self instead of the imperial “I” or ego—which both Jesus and Buddha said must die! There is no way around this. A time of great unveiling is happening now, and it is indeed an apocalypse for those who know how to see and listen.

Unveiling is a gift for those who are ready to see more fully. Unveiling is a disaster for those who do not want you to see.

— Fr. Richard Rohr, Introduction, ONEING: Unveiled

It takes a contemplative mind to be able to see and absorb the ugly underbelly of the United States of America, as revealed by a political administration that unwittingly unveiled it. It takes a contemplative mind to spend months living and working in relative isolation—away from family, friends, and colleagues because of a devastating pandemic—and not lose hope. It takes a contemplative mind to see live footage of global starvation and death, desperate Afghans falling from an airplane, and the effects of global warming—and be able to absorb it all with faith and love. Both the limited-print edition of ONEING: Unveiled and the downloadable PDF version are available now in our online bookstore.

We invite readers to explore three excerpts from ONEING: Unveiled:

Established in 2013, ONEING is the biannual journal of the Center for Action and Contemplation. Renowned for its diverse and deep exploration of mysticism and culture, ONEING is grounded in Richard Rohr’s teachings and wisdom lineage. Each issue features a themed collection of thoughtfully curated essays and critical perspectives from spiritual teachers, activists, modern mystics, and prophets of all religions.

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