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Catch Up on Learning How to See Season 4 

Get all the details of Learning How to See Season 4 in this post-season recap.
March 30th, 2023
Catch Up on Learning How to See Season 4 

Season 4 of Learning How to See explores ways for us to reframe our Christian identity to better reflect our lived reality. In a series of stimulating conversations, Rev. Jacqui Lewis, Barbara Brown Taylor, and others join host Brian McLaren to explore how to practice a new kind of faith that doesn’t ask us to betray any part of ourselves.  

Episode 1: Include and Transcend with Barbara Brown Taylor and Brian McLaren

Season 4 kicked off with an intriguing question posed by Barbara Brown Taylor — in what ways do we experience the grief of growth? CAC Instagram follower @susiemorriscreates shares, “I started coming home from church crying (a global church I loved dearly). After much confusion and heartache, I finally stopped going and eventually stopped crying. I am only now beginning to trust the Lord again (Who I also love dearly), 1 1/2 years later. Grief is the correct word.”  

Listen Now to Include and Transcend!

Episode 2: Start with the Heart with Jacqui Lewis, Barbara Brown Taylor, and Brian McLaren

Rev. Jacqui Lewis always seems to find a resonant way to bring us back to Jesus’ central truth. In this latest episode of Learning How to See she explains, “Wherever Jesus goes, Jesus says, ‘Love God, Love Neighbor, Love Self, Love Period! —Everything else is commentary.”  

After listening to this episode CAC Facebook follower Tom Frey wrote, “The world is full of varied cultures and beliefs. To claim that only the one you were born into is valid, Is like saying that God only created roses and strawberries.” 

Listen Now to Start with the Heart!

Episode 3: Re-Wild with Todd Wynward and Brian McLaren

In this episode we head to the wilderness with author, wilderness educator, and Mennonite organizer, Todd Wynward. Todd invites us to explore his perspective that spending time in the wilderness—physically and spiritually— can fill our hearts and minds with new meaning.  

Listen Now to Re-Wild!

Episode 4: Find the Flow with Jacqui Lewis and Brian McLaren

Movements change the world—yet many of us find ourselves stuck. How can we all gather the courage to join the call? In the latest episode from Learning How to See, Rev. Jacqui Lewis and Brian McLaren discuss how cultivating a living faith means supporting groups actively working to create a better lived reality for all.  

Listen Now to Find the Flow

Episode 5: Re-consecrate Everything with Barbara Brown Taylor and Brian McLaren

Get ready for a total perspective shift! This episode, Brian challenges us to see the world in a fundamentally different way—honoring the spiritual value of everything in existence. Learn to recognize the sacred everywhere and in everything. 

Listen Now to Re-consecrate Everything!

Episode 6: Renounce and Announce with Jacqui Lewis and Brian McLaren

Why is it important to share publicly what we really believe—and who we really are? Rev. Jacqui Lewis offers a core truth that she holds dear: “I am both a Christian who follows Jesus, and a universalist who believes there is more than one path to God.” In response to this episode CAC Instagram follower @thebarefootpreacher writes, “I feel this in my bones.” 

Listen Now to Renounce and Announce!

Episode 7: Stay Loyal to Reality with Barbara Brown Taylor and Brian McLaren

This episode’s conversation is a real game changer. Barbara Brown Taylor joins Brian McLaren to discuss the importance of radical acceptance as the foundation of authentic spiritual practice. What is your go-to practice when you find yourself disconnecting from what is?  

Listen Now to Stay Loyal to Reality!

Episode 8: Stay Human with Barbara Brown Taylor and Brian McLaren

In this episode, the podcast panel explores the importance of humanity at the core of an authentic faith journey. Brian McLaren says, “I’ve watched people under the label of Christian become cruel—do things they thought they’d never do and defend things they thought they’d never defend.” How do you remind yourself to choose a loving response whenever you can? 

Listen Now to Stay Human!

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