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What People Are Saying

Franciscan teacher Richard Rohr and [CAC] staff…laid out their plans for a “Living School” to create a larger “delivery system” for upgrading Christian practice to the unitive or non-dual vision St. Francis lived so radically 800 years ago. Cynthia Bourgeault spoke passionately of the lack of spiritual teachers on the world stage to teach this message, with the Dalai Lama single-handedly holding the post. She spoke of the “betrayal of not only the Christian Church, but of humanity” when Christian leaders with a world platform focus on retrenchment and fear rather than the radical message of peace and oneness with creation and all humanity which Jesus, Francis and Clare lived so powerfully.

—Dr. Helen Daly (1945-2012),
clinical psychologist


My generation and the generation coming after me—we are desperate for a school like this Living School. We’re desperate for the wisdom teaching to be available. There are so few wisdom teachers; Richard is one of them. I just can’t say enough how much we need to get behind and support him so that his teachings continue long after he’s gone.

—Phileena Heuertz,
CAC Board member


Here are two related reasons why the time is right for this bold educational experiment. The Living School integrates contemplative practices with theological learning. People are hungry for authentic experience of God, but the church has not delivered.

—Mark Longhurst (’15),
“Learning Action and Contemplation”
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This is not a school for mental grasping, but one where the material must be patiently chewed and slowly digested into all centers of “knowing.” It’s easy to feel mystical when on retreat, with meals prepared for you, hours of silence, and a nice view of the mountains, but as the title of Jack Kornfield’s book puts it: After the Ecstasy, the Laundry. I am slowly learning how to live from that inner still point of convergence of All in All . . . so that all I am and do may be the catalytic love of Christ-becoming.

—Gabrielle Stoner (’15)


The Living School is teaching me that God comes to us through our lives as Paula D’Arcy says. James Finley’s humor comes to mind: “It would be so easy to be a mystic if only I didn’t have to live my life.” That’s my challenge—to live these teachings.

—Peter Mathies (’15)


To have modern mystic elders help us understand mystics from other ages has given me new depths to yearn for and helped me to see that the adventure isn’t at a dead end!

—Alana Levandoski (’15)

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