The Living School is a 2-year program that begins with online orientation in July and a Symposium in the August of Year 1 and ends with a Symposium in the August of Year 3. Please note the on-site sessions and at-home study portions of the program described below. See the Program Calendar for specific dates.


On-site Sessions

On-site sessions for the Living School will occur 4 times (3 symposia and 1 small-group intensive) in or near Albuquerque, New Mexico, during the two-year program. Both the small-group intensive and the 3 symposia are mandatory. These sessions will include learning in person with Fr. Richard Rohr, other core faculty, invited teachers, CAC staff, and fellow students. Educational disciplines will include experiential practices, selected readings, reflective learning, and the presentation of final integration projects.

The atmosphere of the on-site sessions will be contemplative in nature, observed through a rhythm of teaching, practice, reflection, silence, and joyous celebration. Students are asked to make necessary preparations to let go of distractions and bring their full presence into the sessions together.

Beginning in 2017, Living School program fees will cover 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 1 scheduled dinner at the symposia and all meals at the first-year intensive. These fees do not include costs associated with transportation, lodging, and other meals.



Annual symposia are held in late August of each year at a venue in New Mexico. See the Program Calendar for specific dates for each cohort.


On-site Intensive Session

Upon enrollment, students will receive dates of the small-group intensive session options available from January to June of their first full year in the program. Students will be able to rank their preferences for the session that fits their schedule. Students are required to participate in one session. Small group intensives will be held at the Bosque Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. See the Program Calendar for specific dates for each cohort.


At-home Study

At-home study will call upon a student’s self-responsibility to participate in the educational disciplines of webcast teachings, experiential practices, reading, service, reflective learning, and the final integration project. Students can expect to spend an average of 35 hours a month completing the required educational disciplines.

The Living School’s online learning platform will serve as the virtual, interactive learning environment for students. It will be the means for engaging in the educational disciplines and with fellow students as a part of each Course Unit. Students will not need to download any software to their computers, but they will need to ensure that their computers are able to support our platform’s features. More information about requirements is available in the Admissions section.

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