Educational Disciplines

The Living School’s curriculum is expressed through a dynamic harmony of didactic teaching, experiential practice, and reflective learning—each building upon and adding value to the others. The intention of each course is to offer moments of greater awakening to Divine Reality. With this harmony and intention in mind, many of the educational disciplines can occur simultaneously within a course.

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On-Site Sessions:

Fr. Richard Rohr and other faculty will lead students in powerful and joyful sessions in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Perennial Tradition and Incarnational Mysticism (the path of union with Divine Reality through created things, the world, materiality, and our very own humanity) will be the celebrated themes of the on-site intensives.

Experiential Practice:

Participants will delve into experiential practices that engage their whole being. Each student will commit to a daily contemplative practice. Experiential practices will challenge and inspire students’ present way of life (orthopraxy).

Reading and Guided Discussion:

The required reading for each course is intended to deepen a student’s awareness of Divine Reality. Students will have an opportunity to discuss the implications and applications of the reading for daily life. In addition to the required reading, students will receive a recommended reading list.

Servant Leadership:

Students are encouraged to be positive and compassionate participants in the world. One way that students will do this is by committing to ongoing service in their local community throughout their tenure at the Living School.

Reflective Learning:

Members of the Living School’s learning community will enrich one another through online discussions and reflections on their experience with the educational disciplines. This interactive forum will have multimedia capabilities, enabling various venues for student engagement.

Integration Project:

Through their Integration Project students consider and plan for where contemplative presence can be energetically generative in service to the world. The project prepares students for a life of continued transformation of consciousness and incarnated contemplative presence beyond the Living School.

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