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Sending Ceremony

The “Sending Ceremony” is a kind of “anti-graduation.” The two years of study are complete, but the student is not proficient in the material. The deeper Mysteries remain mysterious, the working of the Spirit not clear in its ways or effects, the student remains a beginner. What is celebrated is that the door is open, the student is now part of a community of pilgrims on the Journey together. We send them out to continue the Journey in ways which will meet needs and suffering at every turn, and respond with love, prayer, and compassion. The students receive a deacon’s stole, universal Christian symbol of the servant. Hallelujah indeed!

Sending Ceremony for the 2021 Living School Cohort – October 29, 2021

Sending Ceremony for the 2020 Living School Cohort – September 17, 2020

Sending Ceremony for the 2019 Living School Cohort – August 8, 2019