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Charter Living Stones of the Living School for Action and Contemplation

“Be living stones building a spiritual house….” —1 Peter 2:5

The Center for Action and Contemplation and the Rohr Institute are honored to commemorate those who responded to the vision of Fr. Richard Rohr to form a lay seminary in which to teach an alternative orthodoxy, grounded in perennial wisdom and the Christian mystical tradition.

The Living School for Action and Contemplation opened in the year 2013 to fulfill this vision. The entries below are the names of those who chartered and built this theological and spiritual school. They are indeed “living stones building a spiritual house.”

Please remember these faithful people in your prayers for giving the world a place for emancipatory teaching for all ages throughout all ages.

Zenda Addis
In loving memory of Jennie Addis and Mimmie

Norm and Joan Albert

Pauline Albert

Mary Alberts

Ann Allard

Rev. Debra and Richard Angell

Anonymous – 12 Living Stones
In memory of W.C. Lucas
In memory of Caroline Veselik Weible
I found Him, Whom my heart loves. Song of Songs 3:4

Dr. James Anthony

Elizabeth Daniels Anton

Family of Louis and Lorraine Arata

Marguerite J. Armstrong

Janet Arrowsmith
In honor of creatures great and small who grace us with their companionship

Katherine Aubin

Marie Badarani

Jane Baker

Harry Bangert

Richard and Marianne Barlow

Sheila Barnes

Severina Barnett
In honor of Fortino Muro Hernandes

Michaeline Barnhart

Anita Barni and Sandy Tiefenbrun
In honor of Irma Barni

Anita Barni and Sandy Tiefenbrun
In memory of Charles and Chip Barni

Anita Barni and Sandy Tiefenbrun
In memory of Bud and Marilyn Reagan

Dalene Barry

Nelda and Joseph Beaud

Oliver and Elwia Beaudette

Mary Anne and Michael Beggs

Family of Jerry Belanger

Len Beckenstein

Richard Lee Bennett

Family of Sanford and Catherine Berg
To worship God however known (UCG)

Victoria Beynon

Jill Biebel

Linda Billows

Jane Blinka

Kay Bochert

Genny and Maury Boehmer

Donna and Walter Boekley

Eric Bolton

Vivian and James Bowman

BR & R Foundation
In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Roberts, Sr.

Albert Braden

Dr. William and Jacqueline Brennan

Nancy Broach
In honor of Rose Q. Sena

Catherine B. Brown

Michael Brownlow

William B. Buergler

Vincent Burns

Nancy and James Burns

Frank and Patrice Busch

Edward and Betsy Cancienne

Frederika Carney

Zoe I. Carpenter
Thanks to all those who have walked with me in person and in their writings.

Casey Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Stuart and Susan Cass

The Catholic Foundation, Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Regina Griego and Mark Cavanaugh
In honor of all mothers, including Mother Earth

Mary Chan

Catherine Cheung Wong Sik Yin

Evelyn Christie

Colleen Christie
In memory of Jimmy Christie

Rev. Michael Cicinato
In memory of Jeanne and Jerry Cicinato

Carol Clark

Family of Tom Clough

Carolyn and Nicholas Cole

Jerry and Rosalie Collins

Claire Conroy

James Cook

Cheryl Cook
In memory of Julia Hillebrand

Mary Helen and Joseph Coroso

John Jack and Susan Cradock

The Rev. Mtr. Carolyn M. Craft
In honor of The Rev. Fr. Samuel S. Colley-Toothaker

Kitty Cranor

Claudia Crawford
In memory of Millie Bergner

Family of Frank and Cathy Crosby
In memory of Joan Devlin and Mary Crosby, our first teachers

Mary Jo Dalton
In memory of Josephine DiCello

Helen and John Daly

Malcolm Sol Davidson
In honor of Sol Davidson

Dennis Davis
Remembering – Danny and Denny Davis

William and Dulce De Castro

Jeanne De Waal

Sarah Dean
In honor of my parents, Russ and Nancy Dean

Roberta DeBaldo
In memory of Vincent Higgins

Joan DeGregorio
In gratitude for my Franciscan family!

Bill and Elsa D’Ellis

Mary Schemper Denny

Raymond and Lynn DeSutter

Family of Mark and Donna DeZwarte

Frank and Martha Diebold

Maria DiSaverio
In honor of the DiSaverio and Milcetich Family

Patrick Donlon

Doreen J. Duff-Dings
In memory of Brian R. Duff, beloved older brother gone but not forgotten

MaryLou Duggan and Arthur Riendeau

Family of Eileen Duggan

Stephen and Amy Duncan

Reggie and Marie Dupre’

Jim and Yvette Dyer and Family

Tom and Andrea Eberle
In memory of Michael Eberle

Pat M. Eisenhauer
In memory of Patricia R. Schairer

Susan Elmore
In memory of Nelson M. Elmore and Andrew M. Krantz

Dan and Marcia Erdman

Jeanette and John Esposito

Dale and Mimi Esworthy

Frank and Jo Ann Evangelho

Francis Fador

Ms. Gerry Fagoaga
Praying God’s choicest graces on the Living School

Tim and Carla Fallon
With gratitude

Tim Fallon

Family of Ronald William Farnstrom

Damien Faughnan
In honor of Peter Faughnan

Diana Feldman

Brian Fenlon

Frank and Victoria Fertitta Foundation

Fetzer Institute

Shirley and George Filadelfia

Patricia Forbes
In memory of Janis Patricia Jones and Lee Forbes Jones

Liz and Bill Ford
In honor of Joan Reid

John and Ginny Forstmann
In memory of brothers Nick and Ted

Franciscan Media honors prophetic Franciscan voices

Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Heidi Franklin
In honor of Becky Fletcher who introduced me to Richard Rohr’s tapes

Reva Freeman

Freiberg Tindle Family

Liria S. Frerer
In memory of John Paul Frerer

Jill and David Friebel

Mary Katherine Fry

Kirby and Elaine Gabrys

Carol Gantter
In memory of Josephine Stricker and Mary Gantter

Roger Garthwaite
In honor of our grandkids: Molly and Mae Schnable; Ben and Sam Garthwaite

Brian and Patricia Gast

Carol and Michael Gerrish

Lisa and Bob Gfeller
In loving memory of our son Matthew Alan Gfeller

Family of Anita Sheaffer Gholson

John Girouard

Anne Marie Gomez and Family

Anibal Gonzalez
In honor and memory of Fr. Miguel A. Loredo, OFM

Gary P. Goodenow
In honor of Richard Rohr who has given everything to me (what matters)

Cecilia Caffrey

Dr. John Gormally

Family of Ken and Elizabeth Green
In memory of Matthew Garrett, son of Shar and Dane Garrett

Tom Green

Margaret Greenwald

Don and Becky Griffith

Bonita Griffith

Jeffrey Grubert

Lloyd Guerin
In loving memory of Betty Guerin

Roberta Guillory

Ken Hammonds

Ray and Vera Hance

Beth and Karam Hanhan

Andy Harris

Robert and Sallie Ann Hart

Alicia and Dewey Harter
In honor of Arthur Russo

Anna Hayward
In memory of my beloved husband, Anthony Hayward

Patricia and William Heaney

Donald and Carol Heape

Barbara Hecht
In memory of Sister Rita Anne Houlihanre

Joanna and Joseph Sieh Heidrich

Paul Heisel
In memory of Russell “Poots” Poland

Richard Hempstead

Dr. Rachel Henry
In memory of Father Donald Pruner, OMI, and Rory Augustine Henry

Trece Herder

Gene Ann Herrin

Judith Hert

Helene Hewson

Neil and Margaret Himber

Jane Hinchliffe

John and Ann Hisle

Florence and Richard Hogan
In honor of Marwin-Hogan Families

Jim Holdsworth

Rev. Michael K. Holleran

Family of Ardeth Hollo

Deacon Wil Christopher and Dede Hollowell

Terri Homer
In memory of Marlene Kalb

S’Won and Seung M. Hong

Tom Eishin Houghton

Jeffrey Alan Hovden

Randy and Pam Hruska

Vincent Huang

Susie Hubbard

Family of Tom and Regina Hudson

Martha Hughes

Thomas and Dianne Hula

Grace Hyser
In honor of Ray and Addie Hyser

Mary Suzanne Iorio, SFO

Family of Louis Iovine

Mary Iverson

Diane and Tom Jakobs

Mary Jane Janki

Family of Ken and Donna Janzen

Mary Jebara

Jeanne and Frank Jemison

Phil Jensen and Kathleen Mitchell-Jensen

Jesuits of Albuquerque

Rick John, Jr.

Alicia M. Johnson

Evan B. Johnson

James H. Johnson

Kael E. Johnson

Mary Martha Johnston

Virginia Jones

Kristy Jordan and Jenny Morgan

Damien Jordan
In memory of my brother, Mark

Kalliopeia Foundation

Maria Kamerbeek

Pat and Scot Kaufman

Julia Keeling
In memory of Jamie Keeling, our beloved son who taught us at an early age
the meaning of presence

Peggy and Michael Keleher

Carol and Thomas Kelley

John Kelly and Rene Dubose

Gerald Kelly

Jan Kenney

William Kerr

Karen Kimsey

Richard and Lori Klein

Barbara Jean Kneifl

Richard C. Knipscher

Henrico Knoesen

Richard and Frances Kopp

Family of Bert and Katy Kram

Tony Kroll

Randy and Beth Kunish

Julia Lacon

Hank Landes
In memory of I.T. Landes

Family of Robert and Sheryl Lane

Dale Lange
In honor of Fr. Richard Rohr

Betty Lanius

Dan Lauderback

Ann Laurent

Rich and Kristine Laverty

Susan Bale Leahy

Gerald and Emily Jane Lemole
In honor of Fr. Angus Carney, OSA

Margie and Jeff Lenzkes

Leper Wolf

Loida Nicolas Lewis and Reginald F. Lewis

Brenda Little
In memory of Doyle Crouch

Aileen and Adam Lowe

Susan Mahsman Lukasik

Kyle and Shari Lukes

Sarah Lutterodt
In gratitude for the Ghanaians I have known who have asked so little of life
and given so much

Patrick and Margaret Lynch

Alice and Bill MacDonald
In memory of Fr. Virgil Cordano, OFM

Family of William and Janice Magilton

Gregory Maher

Doris Maitland

Michael and Jeannie Malloy

Faith and Nicholas Manno

Kathleen Markowitz

John Marsh

R. Brad Martin

Gwyn and Wilson Mason

Peter Mathies

Michael Matteuzzi

Louise McAllister
In memory of A.L. McAllister

Shirin McArthur

Keith and Dorothy McCaffrey

Luke and Jill McCarley

Philip and Sandy McCauley

Steven McClain and Barbara Zangler

Dr. Gary and Mary McClusky

Elizabeth McCown

Susan McCutcheon

Francis McDonald

Florence and Thomas McGarry

Joan and Bob McGrath

Tim McIntee
In honor of sons Garrett, Connor and Sean

Cleve McIntosh

Jennifer McKenna

E. Dean and Laurie McKenzie

Bill McLaughlin

Julienne McLean

Carol Mangelli McNally
In honor of all the innocent children of the world

Michael and Ellen McVay

Carol McWhinney

Galen S. McWilliams

Marianne Mertens
In memory of Arthur Mertens

Sioux Messinger

Marijane and Jim Michalowicz
That all may be one

Fred and Joan Miller

Fr. Bert Miller, OFM

Rod Miller

Judy Mohraz

Family of Jack and Dawn Moller

Marian and Bill Monahan

Anne Monticelli

Hilmar G. Moore
In honor of Milton Robindwitz

Mark and Nancy Moran

Kenneth and Renee Moreau
In honor of the Earth

Phyllis Morris

Peter Morrison and Cynthia Myers-Morrison

Roger Moss

Charlotte and James Mullis

Michael and Marjorie McNaughton Mumma
In memory of our parents

Patricia and Robert Murphy

Joan Muser
In memory of Sister Ignatia

Diana Nelson

Karen Nettler

Jim Nichols

Francis Niehaus

Spencer Niles

Family of Janet and Ron Nimer

Katherine Nowak
In honor of Anna Kristin Nowak

Family of Matthew and Denise O’Connell

William and Irene Hoy O’Hara

Patricia J. O’Hara

Cynthia and Carl Opderbeck
In honor of our loving friendship with Nicole and Jerry Oglethorpe

Clare Openshaw

Thomas and Maren Ortmeier

Anthony and Cheryl Pami

Nancy Parks

Carol Parowski
With gratitude

Nick Parrendo

Elaine Paul

Ron and Gwen Paulsen

Wendy Payne
In memory of Dennis M.J. Payne

Sam and Adeline Pearson

Mary Jane Pelletier

Dena Perricone

Catherine Perry

Rose Perry

Joanne Petersen

Tom and Peggy Phillips

Tim Hellman and Kate Pichon

Wayne and Barbara Pichon

Judith Pickering

Bruce and Kirsten Pickle

Paul and Marilyn Porcino

Walter Pousson, Jr.

Craig Prichard

Paula Pryce

Patricia M. Quaritius

Joe and Ruth Quinn

Russell and Elizabeth Raskob

Lori and Kevin Rathert
In memory of Fr. Richard’s niece, Kathleen Buford

Kathy Reardon

David Redfield

Daniel Reineke

Richard Rigsby
In memory of Patricia O’Keefe Rigsby

John Riss
In honor of Alicia Johnson

John Riss and Vincent Cursio

Joan Rivard

Betsy and Larry Roadman

Sandi and Phil Robers

Family of Mr. and Mrs. Randy Roberts

Rev. Donald Roe
In memory of my father, Richard Roe, and in memory of my theology
professor, Harvey Potthoff

Earl Rohleder

Ernest Roide

Richard and Kathy Rosinski

Richard Roughton

Michael E. Rudder

Jim and Mae Rugg

Patricia Russell

John and Alexis Russell

Susan and Jack Ryan

Graeme Sansome

Delise Sartini

Frank Sasinowski

Tom Sasinowski

Anne Scarff
In honor of Regis Cummings

Mary A. Scherr
In memory of Helen M. Woods Baker

Mary A. Scherr
In honor of Cynthia Scherr and Janet Scherr Parks

Kathleen Schwartz

Paul Senter

Dorica Sever
Thank you! Matthew 6:3

Robert and Nancy Shannon

Tim Shriver

Brian and Melva Simmons

Faith Simon
With sincere gratitude

Marjorie Sitter

Margaret and Thomas Skrobacz

Nadene Smith

Joy Smith

Jeff and Colleen Smith

Maureen Spanier

Jack John Spaun

Colleen Spence
In memory of Maxine Spence Rose

Alison Spriggs

Fiona St. Clair
In loving memory of my father, Alan McEwan St. Clair

David and Katrina Starkweather

Kathleen Statue

William and Mary Steadman

Mike and Carol Stehling

Steve Stewart

Ginny and Peter Strange

Kathe, Mark and Eric Streeter and friends
In memory of Will Streeter

Yvonne Streff
In memory of John and Anna Streff

Janice Strom

Robert and Mary Super

Connie Swope
In memory of Richard and Dolores Copps

Nina Taranenko

Parnell Taylor

Family and friends of K. Telford

Martha and Gerard Tempesta

Carol Teodori

Tim M. Thornburg
Let the FLOW flow

Sandee Tiberti

Judy Tighe
In honor of my husband and teacher, Mike Tighe

Djohariah and Arthur Toor

Kathleen Townsend

Paul and Teresa Tratnyek

Mary Buller Triller

Laurie Trumps

Dolly Tuttle
In honor of John J. McNeill

Janet Underwood

Unity Church of Austin

Lucia Van Ruiten

Garrett and Joann Van Wyk

Lois Vasko
In memory of John Vasko

Mark and Anne Vehslage
In honor of David and Mary Lou Vehslage

Joann Claire Vitalo

Ronald and Laurie Vogt

Beatrice Volper
In memory of beloved parents, Nick and Beatrice Saraceni

David and Mary Lou Von Euw

Fr. Don Walker

Dolores “Dee” Wallace

Patty Walsh

James and Jennifer Ward

James Warner

Christina Moore Watson
In honor of Nick and Carolyn Cole

Joeyclaire Watters

Connie and Craig Weatherup

Charles Weber
In honor of Louisa Ann Weber

Ginny Weir Lunko

Greg Weir Lunko

Jennifer Wilhoit

Bobby and Carol Williams

Carmen Williams

Shirley Williams
With gratitude to Richard for all he has given to my sister Becky and me

Jonathan Willis

Jack Willome

Paul and Clare Willrodt

Bob and Joy Wilson

Dennis and Mary Lou Wilwerding

Musa Wolcott
In memory of Jack

Marilyn and Peter Woods

Libby Woodward
In memory of Bruce Hall and in honor of Doug and Sara Page Hall, my children

Katherine Wytovich
In honor of William Aaron Terhune

Marilyn and Alan Youel and “Thin Places”

Robert and Sandra Younger

Stan and Brenda Zagula

Raymond and Barbara Zimmer

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