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Tuition and Fees

The tuition amount below reflects the true cost of the Living School program currently; please note that tuition and other fees are subject to change. For those accepted into the Living School, tuition scholarships are available based on financial need.

Application fee (non-refundable): $50

Tuition Fees:

1st Tuition Payment                                                $1,800
(Due between February 1-28 after acceptance into the Living School)

2nd Tuition Payment                                              $1,800
(Due between February 1-28 in Year 2)

3rd Tuition Payment                                               $1,800
(Due between February 1-28 in Year 3)

                                                                          Total: $5,400 (USD)

Students will receive an email from the CAC Business Office with tuition payment instructions before the first payment is due. Tuition covers some of the food costs of the symposium, including breakfast and lunch each day of the symposium along with one scheduled dinner. All meals at the first-year intensive are included. Tuition does not cover costs associated with transportation, lodging, books, and all other meals during the on-site events. It also does not cover any fees or costs associated with the optional second-year intensive with James Finley or Cynthia Bourgeault. Scholarships—applied to tuition only—are available; consideration is given to accepted students based on financial need.

Current students, click here to see a detailed schedule of Tuition payment for each cohort.

Cancellation Policy

The Center for Action and Contemplation acknowledges that unforeseen circumstances may occur during the course of the Living School that would cause a student to drop out of the program. Due to the high level of student participation in the Living School we are unable to fill vacant spots if a student would choose to drop out of the program after it has already begun. In an effort to keep both considerations in mind, the CAC has developed the following cancellation policy:

If an accepted student cancels after February 28 of Year 1 and before November 1 of Year 1, the student will receive a 50% refund of the 1st Tuition Payment.

If a student cancels after November 1 of Year 1, the student will not be eligible to receive any refund on their payments of tuition and fees.

Other Expenses

Students will be expected to cover their own transportation, accommodations, books, supplies, and some food costs during their time at the Living School. The Living School is committed to making this program as practical and affordable as possible.

Transportation costs to and from the on-site sessions will be covered by the student. While on-site, students will be expected to arrange their own ground transportation.

Accommodations during the on-site sessions will be arranged by the student. When on-site sessions are located at a conference center or hotel, the Living School will arrange for the lowest rates to be made available to the student.

Regarding food, program fees cover breakfast and lunch each full day of the symposium along with one scheduled dinner. All meals at the first-year intensive are included. Students will be responsible for purchasing additional meals. Because of differences in diets, preferences, and allergies, when communal meals are served to the student body, the Living School will attempt to satisfy the widest audience possible.

Students are responsible for purchasing the books and supplies required for their coursework in the Living School program.

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