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Intro Email Series with Richard Rohr

Do you struggle to reconcile your experience of God with a rigid interpretation of the Bible? Maybe you’ve been hurt or excluded by your church in the past. Perhaps you have a hard time fitting an ancient faith into a modern worldview. You’re not alone!

Throughout history, people have tried to make sense of the universe as best they could. As individuals and times change, our ideas about God and reality shift. Faith isn’t a static object but a dynamic journey. The word theology basically means “God-talk.” Following the example of the Hebrew prophets, Jesus, and theologians past and present, let’s keep this rich spiritual conversation going.

Respected author and teacher Richard Rohr looks at Christianity from a Franciscan perspective, focusing on parts of this tradition that have been misunderstood or misrepresented. God is a mystery that words can never fully define or describe. Yet this mystery is not unknowable; it is infinitely knowable.

These intro series are opportunities to explore your questions, encounter God, and discover faith in a new way. Father Richard invites you to reflect on your experience of God through the lenses of Scripture, Christian tradition, reason, and creation. Through short audio and written reflections, he shares insights drawn from the Bible, other teachers, and his own experience to help us know God more deeply.

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Another Way to See the Cross

Did Jesus really have to die to save us? Why would God need a bloody sacrifice in order to forgive us? Learn more.

Another Way to See the Bible

Does the Bible have to be literally true in order to impart truth? What about violence in the Old Testament? Learn more.

Another Way to See Justice

Why is there so much suffering in the world? How can God stand by and allow—or even condone—evil? Learn more.

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