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How to Listen to and Download Audio Files

How to Scroll through Tracks:

Audio File example- track scroll

Most CAC recordings have multiple tracks. You may start listening to each recording by clicking on Track 1, immediately beneath the recording cover. By default, Track 2 will begin as soon as Track 1 is finished, and so on. You can tell which track is playing by looking at the list of tracks beneath the product cover; the current track will be in a different color than the other tracks.

To view the entire list of tracks, click and hold the scroll bar on the right side of the track area to move up and down. Please note you must hover your mouse over the list of tracks before you’ll be able to see the scroll bar.

Computers and other devices with touchscreens generally will allow you to drag up and down the list of tracks with your finger.





How to Download Audio Files


STEP 1: Click the SOUNDCLOUD icon in the upper right corner of the cover of each recording you want to download (save) to your computer. That link will take you to a SoundCloud page where you can download the audio files to your personal computer.

CAC strongly recommends you download audio tracks to a computer rather than a mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded them to your computer, you can transfer them to other devices by following the device manufacturer’s instructions.







SoundCloud-Audio view

STEP 2: Hover the mouse over each of the tracks you’d like to download. Several icons will appear to the right of the track title. Click the last of the icons – a downward-pointing arrow – to begin downloading the track to your computer. (Please note you must download tracks one at a time.)

STEP 3: By default, most browsers will ask you whether you want to OPEN or SAVE the file. You must choose the SAVE option to ensure the file is permanently downloaded to your computer.

STEP 4: While computer and browser settings vary, most browsers will automatically download files to your Downloads folder. You’ll be able to find your downloaded files by navigating to that folder.