Homilies FAQs

Our iTunes Homilies Podcast is directly linked to our Homilies on our Blogger page. You can subscribe via email to be updated each time a new homily is added. Simply enter your email address in the left side-bar and click "Submit". A new page will open asking you to complete your request by answering the verification message and then click "Complete Subscription Request". Upon successful submission, you will immediately receive an email to activate your subscription with a link you will need to click. If you do not receive an email immediately, please check your junk/spam mail folders, or Promotion's Tab (Gmail users).

Download  the Podcast & Radio Addict app from the Google Play store. Once the app downloads and installs, open the app and search for "Richard Rohr" in the search box and click "Search". You can then click on "Subscribe" in the upper right corner. You can also download the homily by clicking the button to the right of the homily that looks like a circle with a downward-facing arrow.

From the CAC Homily page, click on the year, then the month, of the homily you are searching for and a list will populate for all the homilies in that monthly archive. Click on the homily you prefer and right click "Download "[name of homily]" MP3" and click "Save Link As..." and save it to your computer (preferably somewhere you will be able to find it later). Once the audio file has finished downloading, you will be able to open the file and play it.

To access CAC Homilies via iTunes on iPhone, iPad, or recent generations of iPods, you will need to download the Podcasts App from the App Store. The Podcasts App is free. When attempting to access the homilies through iTunes, you will be prompted to download the Podcasts App if you do not have it already. Only Apple devices and computers with iTunes installed are able to play Podcasts through iTunes. In Podcasts, search for "Homilies" or "Richard Rohr" to populate the podcast. Please note: Homilies on our Podcast take 24-48 hours to upload from our website. 

You can go to: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/homilies/id366349073?mt=2 and view them or go into the iTunes Store and type "Richard Rohr podcast" into the search bar at the top right corner. CAC Homilies are listed as the first podcast.

A podcast is an audio or video program formatted to be played on an iPod (or other similar iOS devices) and is made available for free or for purchase through iTunes. Fr. Richard's homilies are available at no cost through iTunes. Podcasts can be downloaded individually or subscribed to so that each new episode of the podcast is automatically downloaded to the subscriber's Podcast Library. You can subscribe to the CAC Homilies in iTunes by clicking the "Subscribe" button beneath Fr. Richard's picture on the left side of the podcast window.

Fr. Richard does not speak every week at his local parish. Homilies presented by others at Holy Family Church are not recorded by CAC.

It takes a few days to edit the homily and upload to CAC's website. It may take an additional 24-48 hours for iTunes to incorporate new homilies into its Podcast feed.

Feel free to share homilies under educational fair-use principles, keeping copyright information intact. Please cite Richard Rohr and Center for Action and Contemplation. If you wish to use a homily recording for a fee-based purpose, please contact CAC to ask permission and arrange a licensing agreement if necessary; write to [email protected].

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