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Gabrielle Stoner

Brie has launched a website, Becoming Ultra Human, an exploration of the teachings of Teilhard de Chardin. In Brie’s words: “It’s hard for me to explain why this man’s life and work has so captivated me. When I read his writings I somehow understand the landscape of my own soul and recognize the same passion that I too would dedicate my life to.

“Maybe some of my particles were swimming around the drapery of that tiny apartment that day . . . and maybe the snow that’s falling outside my window are made of his last breaths. Maybe deep down we all remember being one with each other and these types of resonant connections exist to remind us of what we’ve forgotten.

This short video was part of Brie’s Living School project. Brie calls it “my own ode to Teilhard and my own effort and dedication toward making his work more accessible.”