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Webcast FAQs

Login information (website link and password) will be sent one week and 24-hours prior to the live event via email to the email address that you provided during your purchase and registration. The email is titled "Webcast Access Information for [webcast title]." Please check your junk and spam mail folders for the email if you are unable to find the message in your inbox. (Gmail users should also check the Promotions tab.) If you are still unable to find the message from CAC, please email [email protected]

When you made your webcast purchase, a Webcast Access Information email was sent to the email address you purchased with. Inside the email is a link for the webcast along with a password. If you are unable to find your Webcast Access Information letter, please email [email protected]

No, you can watch the webcast from any device that has internet access (preferably a wired rather than Wi-Fi connection). You will need the webcast link and password provided in your Webcast Access Information email. If you are viewing the webcast via the Livestream app, Roku, or Chromecast, you will need the title of the webcast and the password (also provided in the Webcast Access Information email).

The replay will become available immediately following the live broadcast. You can watch the replay as many times as you'd like during the replay time frame. Please view your Webcast Access Information email, Webcast Replay Access email, or the webcast viewing page for exact dates.

Yes, you can watch the webcast on your Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod (with Wi-Fi access), or your Android phone or tablet using the Livestream App. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Please view the Livestream Help Document (section 4) for more information.

Yes, you can watch the replay as many times as you wish with as many people as you'd like during the replay timeframe. Please view your Webcast Access Information email or the webcast view page for exact dates.

You can watch CAC webcasts on your Roku or Chromecast devices via Livestream. Please view the Livestream Help Document (section 5) for more information.

Your viewing experience is typically interrupted by buffering when your Wi-Fi or internet connection is not strong enough. If you are on a mobile device and cannot connect to a hardline internet connection, rewind the live broadcast a few moments and click play again. This should clear up most buffering issues as you will be watching the DVR version of the webcast, rather than the live webcast. If you have a laptop or desktop, use a hardline cable connected directly to your modem from your computer rather than Wi-Fi. Please view the Livestream Help Document (section 2) for more information. If the buffering issue is on CAC's side, we will notify you via the webcast chat section.

You can create a Livestream account (or log in if you already have one), or participate in chat during the live webcast using a Guest name on the Livestream video player. Your page may reload and require that you enter the webcast password again. You can chat with other participants or submit a technical question to CAC staff on a mobile device or computer using the Chat area to the right of the webcast video. Chat is not available on Roku or Chromecast. To submit a question for the webcast presenter(s) to consider, respond to the designated comment below the webcast video. Chat and comments are not available after the live webcast ends. Please see the Livestream Help Document (sections 6 and 7) for more information on participating in chat/comments, creating a Livestream account, or using Guest chat access.
*Please note: Some live webcasts may not accept questions to the presenter(s). See the webcast comments on the event page for information notifying the user if questions will be accepted or not. 

Yes! Please review our Online Conversation Guidelines here.

For some Firefox users, you may not see the webcast viewing screen when arriving at the webcast viewing page. You should see a Livestream box populate asking for the Password. If you do not see this, check your Firefox URL bar for a small shield icon. If you see a shield, you will need to click on it, then click "Options" and then click "Disable protection for now" in the drop-down. See the screen shot below.Firefox-UC-wc-permissions-full-view               Your page will then reload and you will see the Livestream box asking you for the webcast password. See screen shot below.  Livestream-password-box

CAC strongly recommends, if using a laptop or mobile device (such as a phone or tablet), that you use headphones, earbuds, or speakers to amplify the webcast/replay audio. If there is an error within the webcast, the technical support will state such audio problems within the webcast chat forum.

Make sure that your web browser URL states that you are at an HTTPS page and not an HTTP page. HTTPS pages are secured and allow the player and the password area to be seen. If needed, you can clear the permissions if you click on the lock in the URL bar, but it might be easier for you to go to the direct Livestream link instead. If you are still having trouble, try going through Livestream directly. You can find the link to the webcast for Livestream at the top of the webcast viewing page or inside the Webcast Access Information emails sent prior to the webcast date.

After reviewing these FAQs and reading the Livestream Help Document, you can email [email protected]. Emails are not guaranteed an answer once the live webcast begins.

CAC's Customer Service offers phone support for some, but not all, webcasts. Please see the webcast access information (in your registration confirmation email) for more details.