Technical Requirements for Webcasts

CAC’s Webcast Platform:

Livestream is an online platform used to broadcast and watch live or replay events. CAC now uses Livestream to broadcast short teachings and multi-day conferences. You can learn more about Livestream by going to

If you would like to test the experience of viewing Livestream live webcasts prior to a CAC webcast, see the section “Test Live Webcast” below. This will allow you to check your internet speed, web browser, audio, and live broadcast experience.


Devices Used for Watching:

You can view CAC webcasts from your computer, smartphone or tablet, a Roku, or Chromecast.


Supported Browsers and Plug-Ins:


Although Livestream is compatible with most major browsers and operating systems, for the best experience viewing a live webcast, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Ensure your browser is up-to-date, enable cookies, and turn off pop-up blocker when viewing events on Livestream.

Please note: If you are using Internet Explorer, versions 10 or 11 are recommended. If using older versions of IE, you may encounter issues. Click here for Internet Explorer troubleshooting steps.


Keeping your plug-ins and software up-to-date will ensure that Livestream broadcasts will be as reliable as possible.

Always use the latest version of Adobe Flash. Check your version of Adobe Flash (and upgrade if necessary) at the following link:

Livestream recommends upgrading to the latest version of Java:

Asked to update your browser? Click here for the solution.

HTML5 is now available for Google Chrome users. When you view the webcast, you may no longer be required to use Adobe Flash. Click here to read more about Livestream’s update.


Internet Connection Needed for Viewing:

We recommend viewing Livestream from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 700Kbps.

To test your speed, go to Bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on Wi-Fi and mobile internet), so running three tests is recommended. CAC cannot be held responsible for slow internet speeds on the viewer’s side.

As a general rule, your download bandwidth must be greater than the bitrate of the event broadcast you’re trying to view. Most internet providers provide plans with Mbps, so streaming quality should not be an issue for most internet speeds.

We will be streaming in the following bit-rates to broadcast on as many devices as possible:

  • Mobile (198kbps) – 480 x 270
  • Medium (678kbps) – 768 x 432
  • High (1696kbps) – 848 x 480
  • HD 720p (2128kbps) – 1280 x 720


Test Live Webcast:

On a computer, go to Click the “Watch Events” tab or go to Select any live webcast to view. (Look for this image in the upper-left corner of the video: .)

On a mobile device, open the Livestream App’s menu and select any category. Choose a video outlined in red with the words “LIVE NOW” to view.

Using Roku or Chromecast, open the Livestream App and choose any live event to watch.

If you encounter trouble viewing any Livestream broadcast that is not produced by the Center for Action and Contemplation, we will not be able to assist or troubleshoot any issues via phone or email. If you have trouble with any Livestream broadcast, we advise that you not purchase access to CAC’s webcast.

Please see the information above regarding internet speed. If your live test broadcast begins to buffer or time out, please take this into account before registering for a CAC webcast. 


Accessing a CAC Webcast:

You must register for a CAC webcast through CAC’s online bookstore. Upon completion of check-out, you will receive an order confirmation via email, sent to the address you provided during check-out. This message will contain the webcast access link and password, as well as a Help Document with further information regarding how to view the webcast on a variety of devices.