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Webcast Help Document

Table of Contents:

1. General Webcast Access Information

2. Internet Connection

3. Watch on a Computer

4. Watch on a Phone or Tablet

5. Watch on TV

6. Participate in Chat or Comments

7. Livestream Account and Log-in

8. Common Webcast Questions

9. Contact Support

10. About Livesteam


1. General Webcast Access Information

You may view CAC webcasts from your computer, smartphone or tablet, or television (using a Roku, or Chromecast). Using the device of your choice, open the webcast link provided in your order confirmation email* (example: or search for the webcast title in the Livestream app. See later sections of this document for instructions specific to different devices.

Enter the password provided in your order confirmation email on the webpage or Livestream viewing page. The password is case-sensitive and should contain no blank spaces.

Note: If you leave the webcast page by exiting your browser or refreshing your window, you will be asked to type in the webcast password again.

*Upon completion of your webcast purchase from CAC’s online bookstore, you received a confirmation email containing the webcast access link and password. If you are unable to locate that message, contact [email protected].


2. Internet Connection

We recommend viewing Livestream from a wired connection with a download bandwidth of at least 700Kbps. CAC is not responsible for slow internet speeds on the viewer’s side.

To test your speed, go to We suggest running three tests as bandwidth fluctuates constantly (especially on Wi-Fi and mobile internet).

As a general rule, your download bandwidth must be greater than the bitrate of the event broadcast. We will be streaming in the following bit-rates to broadcast on as many devices as possible:

Mobile (198kbps) – 480×270
Medium (678kbps) – 768×432
High (1696kbps) – 848×480
HD 720p (2128kbps) – 1280×720

3. Watch on a Computer

3.1 Recommended Browsers

While CAC’s Livestream webcast platform is compatible with most major browsers on most major operating systems, we strongly recommend using the current version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best possible viewing experience. Please ensure cookies are enabled and pop-up blockers are disabled in your browser.

Note: Internet Explorer users may encounter technical issues. Learn more about Internet Explorer troubleshooting steps:

3.2 Browser Plug-ins

Using up-to-date plug-ins and software will greatly decrease the likelihood of technical problems during CAC webcasts.

Ensure the latest version of Adobe Flash is installed:

Ensure the latest version of Java is installed:


HTML5 is now available for Google Chrome users. When you view the webcast, you may no longer be required to use Adobe Flash. Click here to read more about Livestream’s update.


4. Watch on a Phone or Tablet

To view a webcast on a mobile device, you will need a Livestream account. See section 7 for additional instructions.

4.1 Watch on an iPhone or iPad

Download and install Livestream’s iOS app from iTunes:

4.2 Watch on an Android Phone or Tablet

Download and install Livestream’s Android app from Google Play Store:


5. Watch on TV

5.1 Watch on a Roku Device

The Livestream TV app is available on all Roku streaming devices and plan types.

Add the Livestream channel to your Roku: search for Livestream TV under Internet TV or add it by visiting this website:!details/29216/livestream

From the Livestream TV home screen, use your Roku remote to scroll down to the search function and enter the title of the CAC webcast. Please note you must enter the complete title as listed on CAC’s website. For example, if the webcast title were “Mercy as the Resolution of Paradox: A View from the Enneagram” you’d need to enter all of those words in that order; entering “Mercy as Paradox” or “Mercy Richard Rohr” would fail to show the webcast.

More information on Livestream TV for Roku:

5.2 Watch on Chromecast

The Livestream app is available for all devices with Chromecast, a Chrome browser (with the Chromecast plugin installed,) or the latest version of the free Livestream app.

Download the Livestream app to your device (see applicable instructions in section 4) or open the following link in a Google Chrome browser: Search for the title of the CAC webcast.

Instructions for installing Chromecast on compatible devices:

More information on Chromecast:

More information about watching Livestream via Chromecast:


6. Participate in Chat or Comments

The chat function available on Livestream’s viewing page is provided so that viewers may 1) reflect on the content of the webcast and dialogue with each other and 2) submit technical issues and questions; other uses will not be tolerated. Please review CAC’s Online Conversation Guidelines prior to joining a webcast chat.

You can register for a Livestream account to participate in the chat or comment feature of a webcast, or you may use the chat feature during the live webcast under a Guest name (see sections 7 and 7.3 below).

After logging into Livestream, find the webcast page by searching for the webcast title. Once the webcast is live, click on “Chat with # people…” to submit a comment regarding the webcast content or a technical issue. Click “Comment” below the video player to respond to a moderator’s post or another viewer’s comment.

Note that the chat function is only available when the video is not maximized to full screen. The chat function is not available on Roku or Chromecast. The comments section is only available from the Livestream CAC event,, or from a mobile device.


7. Livestream Account and Log-in

Creating an account within Livestream allows you to use the chat function and view the webcast on your mobile device. If you do not want to use the chat function and do not plan to view the webcast on a mobile device, you do not need to create a Livestream account. If you already have a Livestream account, you do not need to create a new account, but should use the username and password already associated with your account. You also have the ability to chat during the live event under a Guest name (see section 7.3).

7.1 Create a New Livestream Account

Create a new account by following the steps on this page:

Once you are logged in to Livestream, search for the webcast title and enter the password provided in your order confirmation email or webcast access email. You may also go back to the CAC viewing page and log in through the Livestream player once you have a Livestream account.

7.2 Reset Your Livestream Password

Select “Reset my password” on the Livestream login page. Wait a few minutes for an email to appear in your inbox. Look for a message from [email protected]; check spam/junk folders if you do not find the message in your inbox.

When choosing your password, do not use special characters.

If you have an original Livestream account and you are signing up with the same email for a new Livestream account, please note that the password will be the same as for your original log in.

7.3 Guest Chat Access

Livestream has now introduced Guest chat access to the chat area during live webcasts. You may now participate in the chat conversation without the need of a Livestream account.

An image of Livestream's chat feature highlighting the area a user to Join the chat via Guest or Sign Up buttons.

If you’d like to continue joining the live event as a Guest, click the Guest button and type in your name, then click the Join button.

An image of Livestream's Guest function where a viewer should enter their name and click the Join button.


8. Common Webcast Questions

8.1 Why is the Webcast Audio Echoing?

Do not open the webcast in more than one browser window at any given time. Multiple windows playing the video will cause an echo. If you only have one window open and still hear an echo, refresh your browser page and type in your password again. This should clear the problem.

If the above solutions do not clear the echo, pause the live broadcast for a few seconds and then click play.

8.2 How Can I View the Webcast in Full Screen?

To view a webcast in a popped-out full-screen, click on the open square icon at the bottom-right corner of the video player:

Image example of Livestream's button for full-screen function.


9. Contact Support

If you require technical assistance during the webcast, you may post your technical issue or question within the Livestream chat or email [email protected]. Phone support will not be available during the live event due to limited customer service staff.


10. About Livestream

Livestream is an online platform used to broadcast and watch live or replay events. CAC now uses Livestream to broadcast short teachings and multi-day conferences. You can learn more about Livestream by going to