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Elaine Zakreski and Cathryn McCormick

Cathryn McCormick and Elaine ZakreskiElaine Zakreski and Cathryn McCormick recently returned from another trip to Malawi. Elaine is co-founder of Hope for Malawi Charity. What started with one village, a shelter, and a medical clinic has blossomed into a partnership between Canadian benefactors and Malawian villagers that continues to serve and grow. Each year Elaine and her husband, Peter, meet with villagers, chiefs, and head women from 46 villages to identify the greatest needs. With an eye toward sustainability, three maize mills, seven footbridges, three bakeries, and five preschools have been built, and many farm animals distributed.

Cathryn was Hope for Malawi’s first volunteer. This is her third year teaching art to over 100 children using donated supplies.

The Malawian grandmothers meet for community meditation and outreach in their villages. Back home, Elaine and Cathryn lead weekly meditation classes. They encourage Living School alumni to continue saying “Yes” to action and contemplation.

You can follow Elaine and Cathryn’s adventures at hopeformalawi.com and the blog artladytravels.tumblr.com.

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