Debonee Morgan

Debonee Morgan writes: As we are called to actively bring our Living School ethos into the world, I’m excited to begin a new adventure in the spirit of our “quantumly entangled” experience. Care and Counseling Center of Georgia has asked me to create a program to train the next generation of spiritual directors in the Southeast. We’ll focus on celebrating the diversity of culture and faith traditions that reflect Atlanta’s rich history and future, while leaning into the Perennial Tradition to create new directors who will take deep spiritual companioning back into their various communities.

Our curriculum and structure will draw inspiration from aspects of the Living School: commitment to praxis, remote learning, personal formation and development, communal silence and sharing. Graduates will participate in experiential learning to appreciate interfaith understanding and will choose a social justice or sub-cultural specialty (e.g., LGBTQ+, refugees, addiction recovery, etc.). The three-year program will include a year of group spiritual direction and discernment, a year of academic focus, and a year of supervision and collaborative learning.

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