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Cleve McIntosh

Cleve McIntosh is living action and contemplation in his medical practice in South Africa. For his integration project, Cleve grew a plant whose active ingredient prevents malaria; he then processed the plant to make capsules to distribute. He is now cultivating 5,000 more plants to begin the next round of producing the medicine.

Cleve also incorporates mindfulness into his practice. He reports: “Today I had an elderly lady whose life has been paralysed by severe anxiety, to the point that she looks like she has Parkinsons (but does not). So I offered to teach her a ‘2 minute breathing exercise to manage her stress better.’ She reluctantly agreed. And she loved it. She asked for another 2 minutes, and then after that still didn’t want to open her eyes. Her son and husband noticed that her leg, which usually has a tremor, stopped shaking completely while she was meditating. It felt like a sacred moment, as they stared on speechless while their usually anxious mother and wife was a picture of calm. Very exciting! I feel very encouraged.”

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