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The love of God creates in us such a oneing that when it is truly seen, no person can separate themselves from another person. —Julian of Norwich

Established in 2013, ONEING is the biannual journal of Contemplative Christianity from the Center for Action and Contemplation. Renowned for its diverse and deep exploration of mysticism and culture, ONEING is grounded in Richard Rohr’s teachings and wisdom lineage. Each issue features a themed collection of thoughtfully curated essays and critical perspectives from spiritual teachers, activists, modern mystics, and prophets of all religions.

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Explore the Mystery and Transformation of Liminal Space in the new issue of Oneing

A liminal or threshold experience can take many forms: a time of birth, a transition from life to death, or even a global pandemic that shuts down the status quo, forcing us into silence and solitude. As Richard Rohr writes in his introduction, Liminal spaces enable us “to see beyond ourselves to the broader and more inclusive world that lies before us.” By embracing liminality, we choose hope over sleepwalking, denial, or despair.

Oneing: Liminal Space (Spring 2020)

  • “Introduction” by Richard Rohr
  • “Ephemeral, Birthroot” by Kesea Habecker
  • “Liminality and Creativity” by Tom Gunning
  • “Transition” by Felicia Murrell
  • “A Meditation on Liminal Space” by Alison Barr
  • “The Liminality of Maturation through the Journey of Descent” by Byron McMillan
  • “Jesus the Lighthouse” by Josh Radnor
  • “A Liminal Place” by Kirsten Oates
  • “On the Threshold of Tomorrow” by Brandan J. Robertson
  • “Truth and Liminality” by James Danaher
  • “Liminality and the Holy Ideas of the Enneagram” by Russ Hudson
  • “What Else Is There?” by Sheryl Fullerton
  • “The Art of Spiritual Conpanionship” by LaVera Crawley
  • “Liminalities of Difference and Meister Eckhart’s ‘Letting Go'” by Michael Demkovich
  • “The Liminality of Oppression” by Christian Peele
  • “Trauma, Liminal Space, and Beloved Community” by Anne and Terry Symens-Bucher
  • The Sabbath: a book review by Lee Staman

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