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From time to time, we share news from our beloved alumni. Look under “Most Recent Post” below for our latest spotlight. Explore the online archive by browsing the years and months listed to the right (at the bottom of the page on mobile devices).

We would like to feature work that is being done by alumni in the world, illustrating how the teaching and practice of the Living School has enabled and focused that work for the betterment of others. We invite your stories, photos, video clips, or other ways of sharing how the Spirit is moving you to love and serve, wherever you are on the planet.

We also welcome alumni reflections on how you are integrating contemplative practice with daily living. How do you respond to the myriad situations which confront you without falling into defensive modes, ego-investment, reactive instincts which divide the world into “us and them?”

You might explore one or more of these questions:

  • How has what you learned in the Living School shaped your life?
  • How are you continuing to learn and grow in the ways of contemplation and action?
  • What has been your “growing edge” or a challenge as you seek to live what you’re learning?
  • How has your prayer life and active life changed?
  • If someone reading this wanted to help—supporting a project or your personal journey—how might they do that?

Please submit brief reflections to [email protected]. Selected submissions will be posted here as well as shared in the Living School alumni newsletter. By submitting material you acknowledge that you have permission to share the content (including music, images, poetry, etc.). Feel free to include a link where we can learn more about your work. Written submissions should be 500 words or fewer; audio or video recordings should be no longer than 10 minutes.

Most Recent Post

Wilderness: The Way In Goes Down
A retreat with Carolyn Metzler
July 19-23, 2018
Gaithersburg, MD

“Wilderness”—a word which can give rise to a wide assortment of emotional responses. Fear, longing, pain, awe, loneliness, insecurity, gratitude for the warm comfort of a safe hearth. . . . Wilderness are those ancient, unfathomable landscapes of earth, mountain, ocean, rock, chasm which have been at the heart of the spiritual journey for millennia. Moses went there, as did Elijah, the children of Israel for forty years, and Jesus. It is, in biblical tradition, the place of Encounter with the Holy.

What is wilderness in your life? Not a place to be pointed to on a map perhaps, but a wild, uncontrollable place in your own circumstances? Perhaps it is illness, depression, the wide yawn of retirement, or the dissolution of a long, trusted relationship. Or it might be the ravages of old age, the faulty heart, the changes of culture, the horror or war, the shock of politics, the all-consuming invitation of the Holy? Sometimes we come to wilderness through invitation, and sometimes we wake up and find its chasm has opened beneath our feet. Each part of this exploration is accompanied by some kind of contemplative practice through which we can deepen our understanding and embodiment of wilderness.

In this retreat, led by Carolyn Metzler, we will identify the stages, seasons, and challenging gifts of wilderness, whether physical or spiritual. Through guided conversation, poetry, silence, art, music, movement, and stories we will explore the stages and seasons of wilderness of our lives, its dangers and its gifts, the wild creatures that lurk in our own being, and the promises and possibilities of uncharted places of the heart.

The retreat will take place at the Dayspring Retreat Center in Gaithersburg, MD, starting early evening on Thursday, July 19, and concluding after breakfast on July 23. The retreat is sponsored by Living School alumni in the DC-MD-VA area. All are welcome subject to availability of space. For further information concerning registration, fees, etc. please contact Sarah Lutterodt  at [email protected].

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