Another Way to See the Bible

Intro Email Series with Richard Rohr
Another Way to See the Bible

Does the Bible have to be literally true in order to impart truth? How can I reconcile science and Scripture? Can the “Word of God” hold meaning and significance for our concerns today? What about violence in the Old Testament? One of the critical turning points for many Christians who have a crisis of faith or who are seeking a more loving and compassionate God begins with questions about the Bible. These questions are as basic as they are unsettling and unavoidable.

For centuries, theologians have debated how to translate, interpret, and apply the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. Their differing approaches to “hermeneutics” may leave us feeling bewildered and unsure how to read the Bible. We’ve seen how passages can be used to exclude others or excuse abuse of power. Some of the stories seem far removed from our own lives and current circumstances. Is there a way to move beyond a literal, surface-level reading and mine the depths of Scripture?

In this series—6 lessons over 3 weeks—Richard Rohr draws from his Franciscan tradition, personal experience, and Jesus’ own reading of Scripture, untangling some of the jumbled threads. He helps us find and follow the consistent theme of God as love, a God who is present and participating in our lives, patient as we make mistakes and learn. With a trusted guide walking alongside you, let the Bible speak to you in new ways. As you read between the lines, discover wisdom that can meet you right where you are today and help you connect with the living, breathing Word within your own heart.

The Bible reveals very human journeys within their unique time, place, and culture. While specific to the Hebrew and Christian traditions, it offers universal insights for our individual and shared experience. As you read the Bible and begin to meet inconsistencies, uncertainties, and uncomfortable texts, you also encounter something wonderful: an invitation to grow. Knowing there’s a community of faith throughout history that has accepted this invitation can make your study and seeking less daunting.

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