Another Way to See Justice

Intro Email Series with Richard Rohr
Another Way to See Justice

Why is there so much suffering in the world? How can God stand by and allow—or even condone—evil? We often struggle to reconcile our faith in a loving, merciful God with the reality we see: poverty, refugees fleeing violence, climate change, racism, corrupt politicians. When church leaders cover up sexual abuse and exclude people based on their gender or sexual orientation, we might wonder if Christianity can be trusted.

In this series, Franciscan Richard Rohr explores God’s mercy for those on the “bottom,” those who are most vulnerable and marginalized. He reminds us of Christianity’s foundational message—from the Hebrew prophets and Jesus himself—of justice. Father Richard explains why systemic evil so often goes unrecognized and unchallenged. Reminding us that contemplation and action go hand in hand, he invites us to be agents of healing, reconciliation, and change. And in the midst of our own and others’ pain, he helps us experience God’s compassionate presence.

As Richard often says, unless we transform our pain we will transmit it. Many people who are fighting unjust systems unintentionally fuel the very patterns they’re resisting. Contemplative practices and shadow work free us from our fears and selfish motivations so that we can act in ways that don’t perpetuate violence. Rather than scapegoating others or retaliating, restorative justice seeks both accountability and transformation.

In this three-week series, encounter the compassionate heart of Love and find the courage to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. Sign up and receive two short audio or written lessons each week along with questions to inspire your own reflection or to facilitate a conversation in a private Facebook group.

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