2017 Daily Meditations Overview

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations help us rediscover Christianity’s essential, contemplative foundations and rebuild our spirituality “From the Bottom Up.” These messages are for Christians and spiritual seekers of any (or no) tradition!

Drawing from his own Franciscan heritage, as well as wisdom teachers from other religions, Fr. Richard reframes neglected or misunderstood teachings to reveal the basic pattern of reality: God as loving relationship. From this nondual awareness, we can act in ways of compassion and healing for the world.

Fr. Richard dives deep in 1-4 week segments (see a rough outline below). Every Saturday includes a summary of the previous week’s meditations and an invitation to contemplative practice. “Gateway to Silence” (at the bottom of each meditation) is a suggested mantra to focus our intention and draw us beyond words into silent prayer.

Each topic builds on the previous one, but you can join at any time! Watch Fr. Richard’s intro (8-minute video).

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From the Bottom Up: 2017 Daily Meditation Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Scripture
  3. Tradition
  4. Experience
  5. Dualistic and Nondual Thinking
  6. Contemplation
  7. Centering Prayer
  8. Meditation
  9. Trinity
  10. The Law of Three
  11. The Cosmic Christ
  12. The Wisdom Jesus
  13. The Cross
  14. Scapegoating
  15. Resurrection
  16. Alternative Orthodoxy
  17. Paul
  18. Law and Grace
  19. Franciscan Wisdom
  20. Contemplation in Action
  21. Belief and Faith
  22. Salvation and At-One-Ment
  23. Ascent and Descent
  24. True Self and False Self
  25. Sin and Original Blessing
  26. Forgiveness
  27. Flesh and Body
  28. Goodness and Evil
  29. Prophets
  30. Mystics
  31. Faith and Science
  32. Living in the Now
  33. Church and Community
  34. Simplicity
  35. Nonviolence
  36. Worship
  37. God as Everything
  38. God as Us
  39. Heaven and Earth
  40. Summary

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